Making Weight

I’m a beginner and I’m just wondering a few things about my bodyweight. I weigh in at just over 70kg at 5’11’’, and am not sure what weight class to aim for. I’m pretty lean and skinny enough, so I can’t imagine myself dropping into the 69kg category while having the muscle to perform at a good level. Will I be able to gain just under 7kg of fairly lean mass through training? Seems like a hell of a lot

of course you will

As a beginner you shouldn’t be worrying too much about your weight class. Focus on the lifts, getting the technique right, getting stronger, and once you’ve done a couple competitions and your body is starting to find it’s equilibrium as far as weight, then you can start thinking about which weight class you are best suited for. In my opinion.

Aye youre right, just wondering. Thanks

yeah man, just roll into the comps at whatever weight you happen to be and do your best, cut weight at Nationals, or in a few more years