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Making Weight


Got my first meet coming up on the 28th of February and I have registered as a 90kg lifter.

Currently weighing 92.7kg. I feel reasonably confident that I can make weight just by having 3 protein shakes (no carb) with an appropriately sized breakfast (oats) and dinner (fatty protein) from now until the meet. I will still be having pre, peri and post workout shakes (80g CHO, 40g PRO) with each workout (3 days/week).

I will be also following the protocol outlined in this article to manipulate water weight. http://www.elitefts.com/documents/making_weight.htm

Does anyone see any pitfalls with my approach? And what methods do you use to make weight?


I cut 12 lbs. of water in three days using the techniques in that article with no loss in strength. How much fat are you carrying? The more fat, the more water you tend to hold, and the easier it is to cut weight. I was carrying a fair bit of fat, so it was actually really easy for me to cut.


Is it a 2 hour weigh in?


Yeah, just cut the water weight, you only need to lose about 5 pounds. Drop carbs the day before you weigh in and stop drinking water about 4 or 5 hours before bed and continue, until you weigh in.

Also did you weight 92.7 stripped down on a empty stomach or what?


I'm pretty lean probably between 10-12% body fat.

Yep sorry should have mentioned, I'm from Oz so IPF only meaning 2hr weigh-ins.

92.7kg was achieved first thing this morning after a poo and a wee, plus I was nekkid.


Why are you cutting weight your first meet?


If you are taking creatine, eliminating that will drop about 2.5kg in a couple days. In my own experience, it shouldn't affect max lifts.


Arrogance. I thought I would be able to drop the weight in enough time. Problem is that because I am so new to the sport I am growing like a weed. I.E Last November I was 82.5kg and by the start of Feb I was 96kg and at about the same body fat, that's 13.5kg/30lbs in a few months.


I'd just lift at 100kg. You're going probably going to get there by the time your next meet rolls around anyway. You're dealing with enough stuff your first meet -- adding the idea of cutting weight is just another variable to control. Lift where you come in at and set some prs.


If it is your first meet, don't worry about making a spesific class, just eat and drink a lot and you will get some new PRs.


Call the meet directer and tell him you want to register as 100kg.

Good luck and don't forget to post your results & experiences!


Took Boffin's advice and ended up weighing in at 95.6kg. Took out gold in the 100kg division.


I have never heard of anyone having to re-register at a different weight. Maybe it's different in Europe? From what I've seen, if you don't make the weight you registered for, they simply bump you up to the next weight class.


I'd have to agree with the general sentiment on not cutting for your first meet. I did, cut 18lbs with 24hr weighins, and still didn't feel that I was at my best when i hit the platform, and that was a bench-only meet. so, it might be a little hypocritical of me, but I definitely would say don't do it