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Making Weight and Fighting Weight

I saw the GSP vs Alves fight and the commentators were discussing them making weight. I’m not a fighter nor do I know much about MMA (i’m just part of the fans who enjoy it).
The commentators were discussing how alves is usually 200 lbs and makes weight for the 170 lbs division and then fights at 180 lbs…So he gains weight after the weigh in? or did I just hear it wrong?

So, I wanted to know when do they weigh the fighters??? My best guess is the morning (if so, then I probably heard the commentators wrong)

Day before

Weigh in is a day or two before the fight. They diet down to get close then dehydrate to get that last little bit.

weigh in is 24 hrs or so before, many fighters dehydrate to get to the weight. They can then put this weight back on by eating and drinking.

o ok. On average, how much weight are fighters able to put back on after their weigh in??

Depends on the fighter. Some stay near the weight by a pound or two, most go up by 10-15 lbs.

[quote]mitchellh wrote:
Weigh in is a day or two before the fight. They diet down to get close then dehydrate to get that last little bit.


or in the case of alves, diet down to about 195 and then sauna the fuck out of yourself, weigh in 4/5 pounds over, sauna til near death, then weigh in again.

i think this varies a lot among fighters…i know several that cut down to within a few lbs of their weight, and just sweat it out prior, but only come in a couple over. and i know of fighters that use a lot of techniques to drop about 15-20, and hydrate back up to 15lbs over.

i’ve even heard of fighters using IV’s to rehyrdate back up (whih is what i woudl do if i could).

also, there was a thread on how to cut a while back, wich might answer some fo your questions: http://tnation.tmuscle.com/free_online_forum/sports_boxing_fighting_mma_combat/cutting_weight_4

Most guys will cut down a bit. GSP tends to stay at 185 now. Cutting is very rough on your body. Anybody who has dieted knows how brutal it can be, now imagine it but compressed in a much shorter amount of time. GSP stays close to fighting weight to prolong his career.

Alves tends to be an exception, because he fought in 100 at about 195lbs but thats what hes known for. Other guys i tend to think of is Sean sherk who i have NO IDEA how he makes lightweight. usually its the wrestlers who are used to making big cuts, 10-20 lbs of water weight.

Others like spider silva and a lot of strikers and japanese fighters tend to only lose about 5 lbs.

You usually spend 2-1 week prepping for the cut, you take out all salt or anything that makes your body retatin water out of your diet. then hit a target weight where you know you can make a cut easily. Alves got off the plane at 182-188 lbs usually when he fights other guys get it closer Rich franklin hits vegas at 10 lbs over which is about right. then they sweat off basicly 5 litres of water, lots of cardio and sauna if needed.

Another factor is the size of the guys, the bigger the body easier to drop water weight, much harder for a light weight to lose 10lbs then a heavy weight. A lot of heavy weights like brock will lose 15lbs over a few hours of training. I lose about 5 lbs over a 2 hour intense training period and im at fighting weight of 160.

edit: all weight in’s i personally know of are the day/morning before. Only one i know that weights in twice personally is OFSAA for Ontario championships for wrestling. you weight in day before and morning of.