Making Up for Years of Laziness

After my second shoulder reconstruction at the start of this year i decided it was due time i got my body in order. I have always been overweight and this is my first real attempt at lowering my body fat %. My goal is <10% or more.

Unfortunatly i did not have the forsight to start a blog but i will catch this up to date.

Age: 21 Height: 5’11"

20/07/09 – weight: 234.7 lbs waistline circumference: 40" bodyfat: >20%

----Ketosis diet----

01/08/09 – weight: 229.7 lbs

----shoulder surgery and rehabilitation—

15/04/10 – weight: 221.8 lbs (probably mostly muscle loss)

----commenced v-diet exercise program with 2000cal restriction diet----

19/05/10 – weight: 217.4 lbs

----uni holiday----

09/07/10 – weight: 215.6 lbs

----commenced 1500cal restriction diet (more detail in next post)----

15/07/10 – weight: 212.1 lbs (today)

so to sum up gone from 234.7 to 212.1 in about a year and now doing some serious dieting to get rid of all my fat.


(include multivitamin daily)
M1: 30g oats with water (115 kcal) whey isolate (130 kcal) teaspoon flax seed oil (45 kcal)
M2: 2x sushi roll (311 kcal)
M3: 150g tuna + tomato (244 kcal)
M4: whey isolate (130kcal) + flax oil (45 kcal)
M5: meat + veg (300 kcal)
M6: whey isolate (130kcal)
TOTAL: 1450kcal, protein: ~ 200g

exercise: 45min cardio