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Making Up for a Cheat by Training?


Today i fucked up on my diet (a low carb one) and ate a lot of sugar. i know this is something i should accept and try not to let it happen again but a cant keep the thought of doing something about it off my head... could it be possible to do some kind of workout to compensate for some of the damage done (i.e. lifting in a particular that makes muscles very sensitive to insulin so that some of the sugar gets stored as glycogen rathe than a pile of fat)? Any ideas are very welcome


Your kinda fucked. You probably won't have a good physique for at least 15 months post cheat.


If you can, why not do a light/medium weight high-volume full body training (circuits, straight sets, A/B). You can also do any form of aerobic activity. I likewise screw up on my diet and try to always do some activity rather than doing nothing and worry.


Thanks. Sounds like a good idea. Any thoughts on cardio (steady, HIIT,...)?


I think any activity would be good enough if it is just a one time cheat. Whatever you want to do should be fine. As an example, when Dr. John Berardi does his refeed days on diets, he did not specify exactly what activity we needed to do but just that you should work out on that day to compensate for the excess calories and carbs you would get on a refeed day. I hope this helps.


a brisk walk for 30 min
followed by a light workout session
then another 15 min walk

then go play a sport.

you'll easily compensate.


wow, nobody has said it yet....

"Eat .9 of a banana."

This joke just means that you should not be obsessive about minor details or events. You'll be just fine.


Make the calories work. Try DC (GASP!) training. I haven't generated so much intensity on chest day than today with DC. I'm usually finishing up with the 120lbers but today after warming up that was my 8,5,3 rep weight. The amount of energy and focused generated I believe made use of my Home Town Buffet experience.


Shit, you'll probably bump up your Leptin levels since you are overly strict and will end up losing more weight from the cheat.


The funny thing is, it's not the one cheat that does it to you. It's like the, "shoot, got a flat, might as well pop the other three" thinking that can really get you.