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Making Tuna Taste Better?

diced onions are great in tuna, that red pepper, mayo, dash of ketchup, celery, dried tomatos, anchovies, and olive oil with a little paremesan cheese on top.

I make a mix that I put on toast with butter (through this I eat tins and tins of tuna).

One large tin tuna (drain off any excess oil)
Thousand Island Sauce
Tabasco Sauce
Diced Spanish Onion

Keeps for about a week, tastes great, isn’t too filling (though high in fats and protein).

A great bulking dish in my opinion

mix tuna with hard boiled eggs, salad, and 1 tbsp of mayo.

1 can of tuna, 1 egg, some onions, some mushrooms. Make burger patties, cool in fridge, then fry or grill. I think they’re damn good.

Mrs.Dash(I use Tomato&Basil flavor)…and light mayo.

Frank’s Buffalo Sauce

(or any other hot sauce)

Eat the tuna in the pouch, it does not have the fishy smell of the can stuff. It cost about $0.20 more per but it doesn’t have much liquid in it and it is usually more of a tuna stake instead of shredded cat food. I personally get the Lemon and Pepper flavored 8oz packets and eat one a day post workout/bike ride.

I mix my tuna with natural peanut butter (2-3tbs). Mix some veggies in and I have a protein + fat meal…might sound gross but you don’t know until you try it!

blend it and neck it!