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Making Tuna Taste Better?

Alright I can’t stand the taste of tuna yet I’m poor and its a good food for the price. Sometimes, if I haven’t eaten it for about 2 months I can down it fine, but when I start eating it often, like a few times/week, I struggle to keep it down, if I get it down.

Anyone got any tips on eating it from the can. Mix some shit with it or drown it in something to make it more bearable?

if you can find albacore that is a better tasting tuna.
I would make it with mayo,celery,mustard and say it was chicken salad and my sister didnt know it wasnt.

for plain tuna you can do the same mix with mayo,mustard,celery
mix a can of tuna with a few spoonfulls of salsa,then eat out the can or wrap in lettuce leaves and tomatoe slices.

experiment theres alot of things to do with tuna.

Lately for the extra calories, I mix 1 can of beans (Borlotti or Red Kidney), 1 or 2 cans tuna and 1 pack of 2 minute noodles.

I eat some weird combinations of food, but overall I like the taste of this.

Just passing though…if you see anything you like speak up.

Tomato, cucumber, avocado, olive oil

[quote]Peot wrote:
Tomato, cucumber, avocado, olive oil [/quote]

This sounds really good. I have the same problem as the OP. You could also make your own mayo with some olive oil and egg yolks and it’s probably cheaper than buy the stuff. Plus the added benefits of not eating the soybean oil that usually in the jarred stuff.

I usually have a 185 gram can of tuna with a bowl of pasta as a post workout meal. It has large amounts of both quality protein and carbs, and if you mix in some salt and butter is really tasty too.

Probably only good for bulking though…

Salsa…BAM like Emeril

Tuna + diet coke equals a great shake

same for Tuna and a V-8 blended

I also like plain tuna with any kind of cheese melted over it and mixed in.

I just saw an episode of “Good Eats” about tuna. One thing he said was how much better the stuff in the pouch is than the can. Not sure about price difference, but it may be worth checking out.

[quote]Trenchant wrote:
Salsa…BAM like Emeril[/quote]

Second the salsa.
Also, I get pesto at Costco…mix that in and you won’t be able to wait for the next tuna meal!

[quote]know nothing wrote:
I just saw an episode of “Good Eats” about tuna. One thing he said was how much better the stuff in the pouch is than the can. Not sure about price difference, but it may be worth checking out.[/quote]

It is. Bigger chunks, better flavor, less smell. The pouches cost a bit more though.

I mix mine with mustard and Worcestershire sauce.

Tobascco or Franks Red Hot, dear god that is a delicious combo.

I second the mustard and worcestershire as well

i make an easy stir fry with canned tuna and bagged stir fry veggies

I mix mine with a couple tablespoons of cream cheese, and I can eat it all day. Otherwise I have never really liked tuna. Definitely go with the albacore though.

all i do is add a lil of light mayo and a spoon of sweet relish… ie recipe to tuna fish sandwich… it really does help

tuna melt with bacon…

tuna salad (mayo + celery salt and pickle relish)

tuna on a salad with dressing

Tuna with rice served hot

Tuna with rice and veggies served cold with italian dressing

you can add tapioca to it and make burger patties out of it, the tapioca can also be replaced by an egg and bread crumbs, its just acting as a binder.

you can heat it up, put it in a tortilla with other mexican stuff and have a “fish taco” if you will…

get creative, or buy Tuna helper in the hamburger helper isle.

fresh oregano. when im bulking ill have a can of tuna over a massive plate of brown rice, just sprinkle a couple of spoons of it over the tuna and its awesome

Brand will make a big difference, I can’t stand store-brand tuna for the most part (unless it’s Trader Joe’s or something.) Olive oil, some shredded sharp cheddar and light mayo will do the trick.

What I do is mix a 12oz. can with a spoonful of the that cholesterol-free mayo (made with canola oil, which results in good levels of vitamins E and K), and make two layers or tuna and pepper jack cheese on bread and make a melt.
I eat this as I type.

Diced onions, celery, mayo, maybe some carrots too.

Great as a tuna melt with some low fat american or other cheese of your choice.