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Making Tren at Diff Dose, Not 75mg

OK lets say you get a 4gram kit and two packs of finaH pellets. That will give you around >40cc’s dosed around 75mg/ML. Right? Well lets say you only use 20cc or a 2gram kit. would not the dose roughly be 200mg/ml?. This just seems better if you already injecting many compounds, it would be less voulme of injection?

You are assuming it would dissolve at the concentration you suggest.

Trenbolone acetate is soluble in straight vegetable oil at 50 mg/mL.

This can be increased with solubility enhancers.

75 mg/mL is a common value. 100 mg/mL is possible.

A downside is that at least in my personal experience – but this is based on a lot of injections both at 50 mg/mL and higher – tren cough is far more prevalent at the higher concentrations.

As for 200 mg/mL, well if you like to inject straight benzyl alcohol I suppose that would be doable.

But basically you should abandon the idea.

By the way, there is at least one non-TA compound in the pellets that also dissolves well in benzyl alcohol, and somewhat in benzyl benzoate, but not in vegetable oil.

Generally when you see things done the same way over and over there is a reason for it.