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Making the team

Hey I am training a kid who is going to be playing college baseball…he needs to increase his strength, power, and size…I know how to take care of this, and I know I need to focus on training the obliques and abdominals…but does anyone else have any suggestions on specific plyometric or weight lifting exercises I can apply to this kid. He is a catcher by the way. Thanks for all responses.

I believe Paul Chek’s site may contain some info for you. Also check out the Plyometric books by Donald Chu. Very good. And Coach Davies’ site (www.renegadetraining.com), an excellent, excellent resource!

don’t forget the qauds and hamstrings…

Wow thank you Patricia - much appreciated. First you need to address the broad scale of his entire program to impact upon sports performance. By the way, when the “real abs” article was written, one of the agendas was to precisely address concerns over performance and yes, bat speed. I would be pleased to discuss further if you wish. In faith, Coach Davies