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Making the Switch


There definitely are two camps when it comes to training. A) high intensity, low volume and B) low intensity high volume would be one way to describe it. Bodybuilder and powerlifters would be another. Strength vs hypertrophy, another. Obviously the two aren't mutually exclusive, and neither is the 'right' choice per se.

Still, I've been in the powerlifting camp. However, I'm looking to switch to a more hypertrophy geared program that will be better for my waste line and help my get the size I like.

Does anyone know of others making 'the switch'? What kind of programs/diets have you used?

While I'm not willing to give up my heavy squats, I'm going to move to a split routine and more assistance work. Also, I'm going to be doing cardio (which is something I'm not accustomed to).

What have been your successes? Failures?

Thanks all

Oh, and stats (i'm not the biggest or strongest guy out there)

Squat: 230x3
Bench: 185
Dead: 315

180lb, 79kg


Look up King Beef's latest thread. There is a 5 day split in there that you should do until the end of time.

Also, please don't talk about your "waste" line in public. That's disgusting.

And LOL at "assistance work". This is bodybuilding, there's no such thing as assistance work.


Cmon dude those kinda stats dont make u a powerlifter, im stronger than you and im not a powerlifter (not that i even look like a bodybuilder lol)




I'm not saying i'm an ELITE powerlifter, or even seasoned powerlifter. I've only been training seriously for 3 months. Everyone starts somewhere and has their own goals man.