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Making the Perfect Omelet


With a ziploc bag!

Thought this was a great find for people with time pinches and don't have the time to cook proper omelets.

(You can also cook them ahead of time and just keep em' in the bag!)

Cheers :slightly_smiling:


i appreciate the idea but that's quite a long way from the perfect omelette which would be cooked in browned butter and is firm on the outside yet loose and almost runny on the inside. and ringing in @ 10 minutes + i don't see the time savings...not to mention polyethylene exposure.

(this vid is much better with the sound off.)


Agreed. I think a better way would be to use a round pyrex baking dish thingy with a lid, crack your eggs into it with your other ingredients and nuke it. I do it all the time with a small (about three inch across, it's maybe somekind of dessert bowl or something?) Pyrex to make little round "fried" eggs and it takes less than 30 seconds per egg. Slop some hot sauce and cottage cheese on those bad boys and a meal is made.


I think the time savings comes from the fact that, though it cooks for 10 minutes, you don't actually have to do anything for those 10 minutes.

It's a cool video, and I'm certainly going to try it some time. I do worry about the fact that you're cooking it in plastic, though. Is it really that big of an issue? Since it's in boiling water, the temperature will be at most ~100C.