Making the Most of Two Dumbbells

Hi guys: long story short I’m a 26 year-old ex-mma competitor coming off a nasty knee injury with a lot of work and family obligations, just trying to maintain a decent level and hopefully come back sometimes. I go to wrestling practice twice a week, and to muay thai classes once or twice a week.

I try to get a roll after wrestling with other submission guys because there are no BJJ clubs in my area that would fit my standards. I do my roadwork once a week, either sprints or a mile-long run of grueling hills that I time. I would like to add some resistance work to the mix. I don’t want to join a commercial gym, money’s tight and I don’t enjoy the atmosphere at those places.

So, I’ve acquired three second-hand dumbells and 34 kilos of weight, for almost nothing.

I was thinking about using them twice a week. One session would be based on complexes such as this Javorek exemple:

Or “the bear”

And another session based on strength work, overhead lifts mostly such as one armed overhead press, overhead squats, snatches, one-legged deadlifts, one-arm rows, hammer curls.

I’m ready to buy some more weight, not a bench though.

Thanks for your advice!

There are like 15 variations of farmer’s carries and you will get a good core,grip,cardio workout.

Just grab DB and start walking - one/two arm carry, one/two arm overhead, one up & one down, shoulder one/carry or overhead the other, etc