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Making the Leap

Hey everyone, after lifting for 8 years I have finally decided to make the plunge, I am 224LBS at 6 foot, and I am probably about 16% bodyfat. I am planning on doing a basic cycle 500 mg test E a week, I will have liquidex on hand and will run that at .5 EOD, HCG 500iu a week 3 to 10, and the typical Nolva pct. My question is, do I start using the liquidex in week 1? or do I wait, and I have already used the search function I just didnt see an answer to this. Also wondering about your opinion the HCG, if I am using it correctly. I am also considering front loading a gram in the first week but have not decided on this yet.

I will be doing my first pin tomorrow night, thanks for your time.