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Making The CNS Stronger?

How can you make the central nervous system stronger?

I cant find anything on yahoo/google that talks about it.


motor learning style = frequency, lower volume, and high intensity singles (90+%) or explosive singles/doubles (45-65%). Groove the movement pattern you want to enhance.

The CNS is capable of improving (or rather, becoming more efficient) in three distinct aspects…

1)The speed at which a motor impulse travels from the CNS to the muscle. This is responsible for rapid firing muscle contraction. Often referred to as RATE or rate of force development. Many authors talk about the ability to relax the muscle (lose tension) just as quickly being paramount in increasing proficiency in this area. This aspect usually corresponds to ballistics or extremely light external resistance movements, where speed would be hindered very little by the load imposed.

2)How long the motor impulses are able to keep a muscle activated/tensed. Absolute/maximum strength displays require the muscle to be tensed for a much longer time than a RATE dominant movement. Many authors refer to this as the DURATION quality.

3)The level or intensity of the motor impulses. The higher the level, the more motor units are activated, and therefore the more powerful the muscle contraction. Often referred to as the MAGNITUDE quality.

All those these aspects of the CNS are distinct, they do not operate in a vacuum from one another. They often harmonize, especially during more elite-level tasks.

Greater proficiency can be reached in all three of these characteristics. Different training styles will emphasize different characteristics, and people are usually innately proficient in one of these areas more than others as well.

Do some research on force curves to visualize this, I think it would help you greatly.