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Making the Best of T Replacement


im a 37 yr old marine that let let himself get our of shape im ready to do the work and want to do a 12 weeek program. my wieght is 275 and im 6ft im on testosterone cypionate from doc and want to make the best of it, my main goal is to lose the body fat. id say im 30-35% body fat.I found out im low test and thyroid so not a excuse but!!!!!anyway i want to lose the most fat and gain the most muscle!

can anyone give me a cycle for twevel weeks on the cypionate and any other things i might need like novledex or clenbuterol, and workout guidline as if i should go heavy or lighter more reps on the cycle as i havent been working out in a few years. i have a good experience in working out but its been a while and i want to make the most of my effort!!! hooo raaaa


Are you still in the Corps devil?


negative got out in 98 and got out of shape


are u at camp lejune devil dog? how do i put u down as a friend im new to the site?


this forum is dedicated to helping those on HRT, not cycles. Sorry. There may be other forums here which would be more appropriate.


im not sure what the difference is im on HRT from doctor just want to make the most of it


I would strongly recommend reading through all of these threads here in this forum and see all of the issues people are facing.

HRT on its own is an extremely complicated process (more art then science) if you decide to add additional uncontrollable variables to the mix (i.e. - a cycle) then you are increasing the risks significantly.

but that is just my own non-medical-porfessional opinion (plus from someone who has never done a cycle) so listen or ignore at your own prerogative.

and I think that this website has a forum dedicated to cycles specifically. Not sure how many people here in the HRT forum have the experience you are looking for. most just want to get to feeling better or normal.

HRT on its own (if it is working correctly) should help you gain muscle, loss weight, and improve your health overall, but not as fast or as drastic as a cycle.


I guess im completely confused HRT as im told by my doctor is bi weekly shots and all i want out of my question is to gain the most of this therapy maybe my question confused u or what i meant by cycle. Any way i apprciate your response and need to learn more about the site. when u first log on all they talk about is cycles and andro gel and shots and HGH i dont know why my question was that extreme?


See my answer to your post in the Steriods forum. Posting the same question in 2 separate forums and expecting meaningful advise is not always the best approach. This is where you should be. Good luck.