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Making the Best of It


After more than 3 months on the sidelines following an erruption in the lower back (I have two prolapsed discs, one of which also has a small annular tear), I have commenced light training. This also coincides with a change of location, where I no longer have access to top bodybuilding facilities. What I do have is a beautiful beach-side location, including some grassy areas, park benches and a kids adventure playground.

I have also bought a couple of light kettlebells (though probably should have just gone for vinyl DBs). With time limited, I am training on the beach using these and enjoying it, as well as seeing some early results. Training is pull-ups, variety of push-ups, lunges, step-ups, box jumps, kettlebell swings, etc.

The lesson I've learned is how easy it is to get stressed about training, and programmes using complex equipment, etc, when sometimes you just need to make the best of your own circumstances. I have been the world's worst for this in the past. Sure, if you have access to a shit-hot gym then take advantage. But if time, money, circumstances, etc, don't permit then there is usually always an alternative way to achieve some worthy results.


Welcome to the old geezers' home, James. Sorry about the injury, sounds like you have a good plan. Is that you in the avatar? Looking good!


Welcome :slight_smile:


Very true. A great example of this can be seen in the training videos of Fedor Emelianenko and eastern bloc weightlifters. Less equipment available than your average secondary school and yet they still manage to get to the top level. I think if you really want to lift you can find a way. Likewise, all the great equipment in the world wont get you anywhere if you don't have the desire.




Welcome, JB, gl with your quest.


Welcome and I think you're a 100% right. Go to some gyms with every new piece of equipment there is and still end up going back to the basics.


Cheers for all the comments chaps. I went back to my old gym this morning (now 25 miles from where I currently live, when it once was 500 yards away!) 1-2 such sessions per week will probably be the norm from now on compared with 5-6 as I've done in the past. But, as stated, I'm doing some bodyweight/light KB circuits outdoors every other day, as well as some daily chins/pull-ups (a la Chad Waterbury) on the portable doorway gym chin bar I just bought. Also getting the nutrition back on track (Shugart's 100 CHO a day is a no brainer for body comp IMO). Finally I do 45-60 mins walking a day. It's 2 weeks in and I can feel an improvement already, and probably a factor in that is the extra time spent in the fresh air and sun!