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Making Subligual Tren

I intend to do a short strength cycle consisting of 20 mg. tren and 40 mg. of Dianabol per day for 4 weeks. I intend to make the tren drops by dissolving old 20mg. Finaplix pellets a friend of mine had lying around in 75% ethyl alcohol as a solvent and delivery vehicle. The d-bol I will take the traditional way. I have used the sublingual method with many other steroids in the past with a great deal of success.

Any comments or experiences with using tren this way by any of you guys? I realy don’t feel like converting this stuff, and I realize it won’t be as effeective as shooting it, but I only want a little increased strength. I’m already as big as I want to be.

Sublingual administration of tren will certainly work by itself, and the addition of ethyl alcohol would increase the total absorption. I’d imagine it would burn like hell, but as you said you’ve done it before with success I say go for it. Since you understand the low absorption rates of sublingual administration you won’t be expecting too much, though I assure you it has worked for people in the past.

Sublingual tren certainly does sound appealing, decreased absorption aside. The speed it would take effect in is enough to seal the deal.

But only 20mg of Tren with 40mg of Dianabol over a mere 4 weeks will hardly yield you the strength you’re probably looking for. Ultimately, 5-7 weeks after you’re done your numbers will look the same as they were.

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