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making straps

I’ve reached the point where my grip fails way before the rest of me does on deadlifts. I’m doing lots of grip exercises too, but I’d like to start using straps atleast for a bit until grip starts to catch up from other exercises. Since I have no idea where to buy straps around here, could someone let me know how to make straps out of a canvas (boyscout) belt? I’ve heard it can be done I just dont know how.

Save yourself the trouble, Just buy some online they should cost you 10$ or less.

If you can’t lift it without straps, you can’t lift it. You may be doing extra grip work, but without actually doing heavy deadlifts(without straps) and lifts of the like, your grip is never going to significantly improve.


eBay always has them. Walmart and Target both sell them, I am sure Kmart does too, just never looked there.

I use them more to protect my hands from the knurling cause I hate the feel of gloves.

Where exactly are you?

prowriststraps.com would be the place (IMO) to go online for quality straps.

For training your grip: you can perform deadlift holds. That’s what we do and it has really improved my grip. So much so that I can pull a 315lb dead w/out straps.

Maybe you should try buying some chalk. It can really help your grip without taking away from your grip strength. I get mine from elitefts.com. You can get a years supply for 10 bucks.

I always used to use straps until I came to T-mag, then I stopped using straps and my forearm strength and definition has increased a ton.

thanks for the suggestions I’ll get some from Walmart when order new contacts tomorrow. Yes I’m aware it would be waste to just use straps and take grip strength out of equation completely. I intend to use straps only at point where simply cant hold bar anymore. I’m not going to sacrifice back development in order to never use straps tho.