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Making Spinach Taste Good?

I know the huge benefits of this food, and eat it, but damn! Does anyone have any tips for making spinach actually taste good?

Eat some raw, in a salad, before your meal.

I wish I liked vegetables.

Add a T-Bone to it.

[quote]vroom wrote:
Eat some raw, in a salad, before your meal.


Yep, eat it raw. Use it instead of lettuce in your salads or on your sammiches.

mix raw w/ blood oranges,vidalias, pistachios, evo, s&p.

I cook a lot of whole pot dishes, so my method is to cook all the other stuff (onion, garlic, chiles, chicken, plus whatever ground spices or whatever go in to flavor it all), then toss a handful of spinach on right at the end, put the lid on, and let it steam just a bit (until it just starts to turn that beautiful deep green), then stir it in, eat. It doesn’t get totally mushy and army green and tasteless that way.

If you want it to totally disappear, get your raw spinach, roll it up into a cigar and chop it up really fine. It will disappear into whatever you put it in.

Or like dude said, eat it raw or just dipped in boiling water, then rinsed in ice water.

After you’ve boiled the spinach, or thawed it if frozen pour out the water and drizzle generously with olive oil. simmer the spinach and oo over low heat, and throw a finely diced clove of garlic into the mix. Season with salt and pepper to tast.

I always add a tablespoon or so of apple cider vinegar to my cooked spinach and it tastes great.

[quote]vroom wrote:
Eat some raw, in a salad, before your meal.

I wish I liked vegetables.[/quote]

Yeah…basically the way I do it…6 cups of the crap a day.

Try it in salads…omelettes…sauted with about anything (sesame oil, pesto, tomatoes, etc etc)on pizza. I always buy baby spinach. Even my kids like it. They call it ‘popeye spinach’…

Cardini’s Caesar dressing. I’m also pretty partial to sauteed spinach serving as a bed for Mahi Mahi.

Basically though, just buy baby spinach . . .don’t eat it out of a can. Canned spinach, like all other canned vegetables, sucks ass.

Add cheese and/or slasa. Mmmmm mmmmmm good!

I actually haven’t had spinach in a while. I think I’ll buy some next time I shop.

Maybe even wrap some kind of ground meat with spinach? I don’t know how large the leaves are since I only have had it chopped up from a can.

I just eat it straight from the bag.


I prefer baby spinach. I eat a mix of raw and cooked spinach. Cooked with my steak mixed with the rest of my broccoli and string beans. And my raw stuff I usually just stuff in my mouth and shoot with some ice cold water. Or if im in the mood I’ll enjoy a raspberry vinagrette spinach salad which is delicious.

Add lemon juice to it and if you can add ground beef and rice as well.With a little sheeps yogurt for flavour.

wrap it around twinkies
put ranch dressing on it
deep fry it (mmmm, deep fried spinach twinkies with ranch… Doh)

I just remembered, raw baby spinach with a good marinara suace is delicious. Use the raw spinach instead of noodles. Very good.

raw, with balsamic vinegar and olive oil lets me eat over a pound a day…

Somebody on the Anabolic Diet thread said “if it tastes like putrid ass, it’s good for you and you can eat it”.

All I can say is: spinach must be hella good! Yuck!

Balsamic vinegar all the way.