Making Some Adjustments

im currently doing Blending Size & Strength Vol. 2 and im liking the program so far, nothing too complictaed and its pretty straight forward. however, through one way or another i seem to have developed (atleast in my opinion) smaller chest, biceps, and triceps in proportion to the rest of my body. therefore im thinking of just replacing the strength workouts for those bodyparts with hypertrophy workouts until i bring them up to a size im comfortable with. the workouts i’ll be replacing them with will most likely be the following:

chest: 3x 10-15 cable crossovers

biceps: either 3x8 or 2x15 of preacher curls

triceps: 3x8 or 2x15 of pushdowns or those Larry Scott extensions

so please feel free to criticize, add some input or reccomandations. i just felt itd be a good idea to post what i plan to do on here and see how others feel about it as well before i jump into it. theres always that chance you overlook something which would seem so obvious when pointed out.

the only difficult thing i see is balancing out how to superset the chest/back when i replace them because the set numbers will be so different, so i guess ill just have to do without supersetting.

Well my opinion is that you likely don’t have that much of an imbalance as you think you do. Is it a coincidence that it’s your chest and arms or is that everyone thinks their chest and arms are small? Are you at a very significant size yet or does your whole body need bringing up?

I can’t remember your stats so for the benefit of everyone else as well could you give some physical stats, some strength numbers, experience etc and if you feel comfortable with it a picture to showcase your imbalance. Also I’d like to see your thought process behind your plan, not that you think you are lagging in those areas, why you chose what you did to remedy that fact.

i dont have any recent pictures, unfortunately. it just seems that somehow my traps, shoulders and forearms developed better than my chest, tris and bis.

as far as stats

height 6’0
weight 196
bf% unsure but id say around 12%

last night i worked to a 390lb Rack Dead (i think i could do more but i had 4 work sets prior)

same night i did 6x4 of 125/each on the Hack Squat (i dont squat half assed either)

today im actually doing my heavy upper day so ill have new numbers for the following but as of now theyre

overhead press: 5x5 115

hammer strength bench press(lower numbers than w/ the wide): 6x3 100lbs each side

as far as significant size…it depends what you consider significant. i dont look like a bodybuilder but people know i go to the gym when they see me. i think the imbalance occured because unlike most people i didnt have that “bench press/curl” phase. in fact due to my longer arms ive always found benching and curling harder than other exercises.

of course my whole body needs more bringing up haha thats what bodybuilding is all about.