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Making Solid Gains from a Tall Frame


Hey all

Long time reader, first time poster and I’m after a bit (or a lot) of guidance in the form of starting to build on my body type

To give a run down of my current stats and what I currently do:

I’m 22 years old
6ft11 (212 cms)
127kgs (280lbs)
Have a strong sport background with playing rugby league, union, afl, basketball (I’m Australian to all the poms and yanks :wink: )
Have pretty much been in a physical sport background since I was 9years old, and haven’t been without a gym membership since I was 15, however it’s only been in the last 2 years I’ve proper understood nutrition, supplementation and the difference between going through the motions and t actually pushing and constantly growing

My training split is
Mon: Calves/hammy
Tues: Chest/arms
Wed: Shoulders/calves
Thurs: back/arms
Fri: thigh/abs/compound supersets
Sat: back/arms/HIIT
Sun: rest

My diet is basically a mixture of chicken, fish, turkey, green vegetables, brown rice and a cheat meal every 2 weeks on my Sunday lunch

My daily cal intake is 3900 to maintain at 230g protein/85g fat and 340carbs

Where I’m getting at is for someone who is quite tall and not lanky, well proportioned, it’s very bloody hard to gain solid mass
I know that at a certain height, I’ll never look like someone who is 5’9 because longer limbs = longer muscle fibres etc etc I know this
My fat% is around 14/15%
I’m basically getting at any advice from someone else with any diets or regiemes to follow for taller lifters

I’m all ears and anything that anyone can advise would be greatly appreciated!

Note thread in pharma section related with a different section


T-nation author Lee Boyce has done a few articles targeted at tall lifters:

Yup, it is hard. You’re going to have to put in a tonne of time and effort, but nothing is fundamentally different to anyone else. What builds muscle on shorter people will build muscle on you.


@furo thanks for the links bro I’ll check them out!


And I thought I was tall for this site at 6’5".

Your training should be the same as for shorter people. Pay attention to Lee’s stuff–he’s brilliant.

A bit of advice: you don’t have to do what other people do. Just because a sub 6 foot person says you should squat ass to grass doesn’t mean it’s true. Same goes for other exercises. Find the movements and ranges of motion that suit your body and ignore the critics and ego-driven lifting.


Hey a fellow giant! I love coming across the fellow vertically challenged

Thanks for the pointers on to lee’s work
Ive been checking out Jim wendlers 5x3x1 for hardgainers and that looks the shit right now
Any experience in that?


I haven’t tried hard gainers but I’ve run the regular and total body versions of 5/3/1.

I like the concept of Jim’s stuff but my shoulders don’t like a ton of barbell pressing. I modified the program to include DB movements for the assistance work. I didn’t feel like the program did much for my power clean so I’ve moved back to a program I came up with for that and I’m trying some of Christian Thibaudeau’s stuff for strength.

I always end up trying to improve everything at once and it doesn’t seem to work out so I’m going to try to force myself to focus on one lift for a change.

I like to try different stuff because I learn best by doing.


What is your primary goal -performance for those sports(are you still playing?) or bodybuildign/fill out your frame?


Too many injuries from sports


I like to try different stuff because I learn best by doing.

Bingo - it would be difficult to top this for advice for anyone, short or tall.