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Making Sense of This: 21, Low T, Low SBHG, High Prolactin


So I went for a lab test about 2 weeks ago and I am not really satisfied with the results.

For my age, my T is low, prolactin high, etc…

I’d be extremely thankful if someone could help me make more sense out of these results:

Albumin: 46 g/l (35 -52)
TSH: 1,725 mIU/l (0,350 - 4,940)
Prolactin: 16,06 μg/l (4,04 - 15,2)
LH: 3,19 IU/l (1,14 - 8,75)
Progesterone: 0,30 nmol/l (0,32 - 0,64)
Testosterone: 15,85 nmol/l (5,76 - 28,14)
Free test: 0,33 nmol/l (> 0,30)
Test bioactive: 8,3 nmol/l (> 6,0)
Estradiol: <0,092 nmol/l (0,040 - 0,161)
SHBG: 31,2 nmol/l (43,5 - 52,5)

Something about me:

I am 21 years old male, 180 cm, about 74 kg about 14-15% BF (cutting fat right now. I don’t properly gain muscle even with perfect diet and slow gains. Almost all I gain is fat and I blame my hormones for it.). I workout properly, I control my calories and have a good diet overall, but honestly, I still eat a lot of junk food which I am trying to reduce.

I have had symptoms of low T for a few years already - low libido, depression, nervousness, anxiety, not feeling like doing things, tired even after very long sleep, overeating while also almost being anorexic (so basically bulimia)…


I Don’t see ranges but your t and e2 low. Not good. At your age need to rule out disease unless you can point to testicular injury or brain injury.
You should see an Endocrinologist who will run more labs and possibly MRI pituitary and testicles ultra sound.


What kind of disease is possible?


Adrenal insufficiency.
Pituitary tumor.
Testicular variceole or tumor.
And others that an Endocrinologist can investigate


Ah, thanks. Tomorrow I am visiting my general practitioner doctor and hopefully he can point me to some good endo. I have already made an appointment by myself but it’s next month because they didn’t have sooner date :confused:


Keep reading in preparation of your appointments.
You will get better man.


Hopefully. I really want to live my life better, not to be a slave of my bad hormones, so I hope I can somehow figure it out.


Also adding the reference ranges:

Albumin: 35 - 52

TSH: 0,350 - 4,940

Prolactin: 4,04 - 15,2

LH: 1,14 - 8,75

Progesterone: 0,32 - 0,64

Testosterone: 5,76 - 28,14

TST free: > 0,30

TST bioactive: > 6,0

Estradiol: 0,040 - 0,161

SHBG: 43,5 - 52,5


No way is an endocrinologist going to prescribe a 21 year old man TRT, even if you were 40 years old with those numbers, no insurance based doctor would give you TRT. Gaining muscle is not just about testosterone, it’s also about genetics. Prolactin isn’t a concern, it’s only barely above ranges.

I don’t see any actual thyroid hormones tested and is a red flag doctor is uninformed, only TSH which really doesn’t tell you anything and is common in UK.

Suggest you edit original post to include ranges.


Blah blah blah.
Endo MAY end up not prescribing trt but it’s an important step for a young man. Period.


Edited, thanks for advice.

I have paid for these tests and I haven’t probably included everything I should so this is not a work of a doctor.

I am also not from US but Czech Republic so I don’t even know how TRT works here…


I really feel like it would help me. I am really curious what they will tell me. I have also read that Clomid may be a good alternative before starting testosterone. What do you think about that?


Research Endo in your area. Pick one that does trt. Call up the offices and ask if they prescribe testosterone injections if needed. You will get a feeling what they think. You can also try to call compound pharmacies to see which Drs prescribe testosterone or HCG.

You may end up going to a few Drs before finding one that is good. Endo important. Sometimes a reproductive urologist or a hormone urologist is good. Start with Endo.


Clomid is worth a try because you are young, chances for success are higher for younger men. If you decide to give clomid a try start out at 12.5 ED or EOD, too many doctors start guys out too high only to continually reduce the dosages over many months while you suffer.

If Clomid doesn’t work then TRT is recommended, you would do well on moderate doses twice weekly given your SHBG levels.


Well as I said, I am not from US and really I couldn’t find anything like “TRT” specialized doctors here where I live.




Update: Went to my GP, of course he didn’t even want to talk about it, refused to answer any of my arguments and was just talking without making any sense.

I am scheduled with endo next month and right now I am going to try and schedule an appointment with doctors I found on some website and they should be working with low T but as far as I saw they treat older men so I don’t know. They are urologists/andrologists so not really sure how “deep” can they go with their treatment of all the hormones.


Endocrinologist prescribed me TRT when I was 16 (or 17, can’t remember), if you have a legitimate medical need for it age doesn’t really matter

EDIT: actually I think it was 17


How old are you right now and how do you feel on TRT?


Even on a non omptimized protocal I feel 100000x better with regards to energy, mood, sexual function etc. I’m currently … 17