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Making Sense of Steroid Question


i do some reading about the steroid forums and websites etc just for personal knowledge. and i have a question.

would it not make better sense just taking light steroids like anavar for people just doing a couple of cycles because u keep your gains.

for example a guy on test cud increase from 50% yet lose 25% in pct.

and a guy on anavar could gain 20% and keep it.

it kind of confuses me when people take a large amount of steroids just to lose most of it, thats sounds very depressing.


Some of us like the roller-coaster effect of skyrocketing gains in bodyweight and strength then losing all of them after the goals have been reached. Makes you appreciate the strength and size more when you have it.




damn, thats a good question and damn, thats a strange answer but you know what? Thats probably just the way it is on this side of the fence and I may not agree with a theory, but hey, I respect it.


Correct a fuckin mundo!!!!
My reasoning exactly. Please see my posts on The Short Cycle thread. Not saying its the only just it's the best way to retain the most gains. I'm sure those who know will agree that as U go further w/ juice use the progressively less u will retain cycle after cycle after cycle.


If anyone has any experience on the Gramabol cycle I'd REALLY like to hear what the results were. I don't pretend to be a juice authority by any means just what I've personally experienced so far. Will 3 Gramabol cycles a year be more productive 1 yr long cycle of 250mg per week. If so why?


Well, assuming everything else is equal, you are going to make way more gains on test alone then anavar alone. I'm not saying anavar is bad, because it isn't, but it doesn't come close to test for mass/strength gains. Also, you could run a cycle of test for half of what a cycle of var would cost you.

As for losing most of it this just shouldn't be the case. If your PCT is in check you will lose some of it, but you shouldn't lose most of it.

I should add, I am not against the short cycle either. I think it has it's place as do the longer cycles.