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Making Sandbags?


I just read the Charles Staley bootcamp article and noticed the sandbags. If anyone knows the bag that was used and where to get some, that would be greatly appreciated. We perform some of the strongman and odd lifts at my hgh school and my bags keep breaking.

Thanks for the help,

Rob Izsa, MA, CSCS


They may be the K2 sandbag available at www.k2fitness.net

I am not aware of any other commercially available sandbags apart from those at Ironmind although they are somewhat larger and may or may not be what you are after.

Josh Henkin was meant to be selling some sandbags but I am not aware that they are yet avaialble.

If anyone has further info no doubt they will post.


I take two sandbags and put one inside the other and fill it with whatever, sand, gravel, etc...

Then I duct tape the shit out of it and form it into the semblance of a ball. If it ever starts to leak just add more tape.



Hey Buddy,
Go to a local Army Surplus store or find one on line. Buy a heavy duty top-loading canvas duffle bag, not the cheap zipper type($15-$20). Go to your local bulding supply store and buy several 40 lb bags of sand, (around $3.00 / bag). Leave the sand in the paper sacks that it comes in. Line the duffle bag with a Hefty trash bag. Put in as many 40 lb sacks of sand as you want and tie off the grommets on the duffle bag with clothes line. (Roll the extra material down if you need too). You now have a heavy duty bag that will not break from repeated drops to the floor. Remember picking up bag of sand is much harder than picking up a comparably loaded barbell.


This is a great idea. It is actually what I'm planning on doing for the most part. The difference is that I'm planning to get the small size sandbags to put into the duffle bag. This way, I can take those small bags and use for a variety of different exercises like farmers walks and one arm presses.


Rizsa, check your PMs.


I do sell sandbags at my site, www.joshhenkin.com. I know you can make your own, but these were made for lifting and are much cleaner and durable than the old duffel bag technique. If I can help answer any questions in regards to sandbag training let me know. I have a manual available and a DVD about to be released on the subject matter.

Take care,
Josh Henkin


I bought one from Josh and they are truly the best I've ever seen.


I'm going to make one soon (soon being relative with a 2 year old and a 4 week old). The link to the pdf is http://www.warriorforce.com/sandbagconstructionkit.pdf

Forgive me if that doesn't work, me and computers don't get along so good.




The sandbags on your site appear to be identical to those from K2. I thought that you were developing your own? Or are they in fact different?

2 questions for you:

  1. Do you need to line the bags or can you pour the sand straight in?

  2. Play sand is often recommended although I am not sure whether this is for health reasons or because the consistency is better. I have also seen kiln dried sand recommended. Does it matter?


Yes, I am selling Bodybags right now, but I am giving bulk deals for people that want to buy a few at a time.

Yes, my own bag is almost ready. You will be able to pour the sand directly in the bag and I am going to have some cool attatchments set up as well.

Keep an eye on the website.



I'll hold off ordering until yours is ready.

Any chance I can get your view on my query regarding the type of sand to use?



Play sand is recommended for health reasons. Other types could be slightly toxic that is why I recommend play sand because it has been filtered.


sod the play sand. Chemicals never did me or my three eyed fish any harm...

Seriously though, id be interested in a larger capacity bag than the body bag, especially if it has one or two special features.


When i made my sandbags i used builders sand from the local hardware store. I went over to the local farm supply store and they gave me a bunch of empty nylon sacks for free. They were sacks which were used to hold animal feed and they work really well for sandbags. One cool thing about sandbags is if they start to get too light you can add a bit of water to the sand to increase the weight!