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Making Raw Squat = Raw Deadlift


Hello basically my current lifts are 210kg deadlift and 150kg Squat (Maybe 160kg now) but anyway, how can I brige the gap between the two?
All the powerlifters I know and train with have the two pretty much the same, I dont get what I'm doing wrong. hammer the squat 3 x a week as follows:

1 - 3x3 @ 80% add 2.5kg per week
2 - 3x2 @ 90& " "
3- Pin squats 2-3 inch above para, 8 x 3 add weight as often as possible.

Also other leg work thrown in is Sumo deads done on the 3 x 2 day, and TB deads done on the pin squat day usually.

Should I be hammering the good mornings or? As I am skinny so I thought back was the weak link, as I am 85kg @ 6 ft 3. Whats your opinion, any advice will be greatly appreciated.


Are you training with raw or geared liftrs? Are you raw or using gear?

If you're raw, you're going to have a gap between squat and dead.


Deadlifts are almost always quite a bit heavier than squats unless you're in gear.


Most of them are raw, one is geared, but most of them have a small gap between squat and deadlft, like 10-20kg tops, I dont get why I cant get mine the same.
How would you suggest bringing my squat up?
Oh and I train and lift raw by the way. Is the gap between dead and squat normal at the min then?


thats a very normal gap and very very common difference between the two RAW.
usually only olympic weightlifters squat RAW more or the same as they deadlift RAW

but yeah thats normal man, and thats exactly where my squat and deadlift are right now too, right down to the kg


Cool, thats a bit of a relief, I thought my squat was really poor in comparison. What training do you follow mate? Do you pull sumo as well?


Gain weight, light guys tend to have a bigger gap between the dead and squat, bigger guys it tends to be closer


Why, just better leverages or?


No i pull conventional. Could probably get out another 10kg or so sumo but, I dont really enjoy it personally, as its such a short range of motion in comparison to conventional.
But if it helps you lift more weight in a comp, more power to you and keep it up. I just personally dont enjoy it.


That's strange.

Not long ago you posted a video showing you squatting close to 500 lbs (ATG and beltless) with chains relatively easily at 155 lbs bodyweight. And when people queried the weight of the chains you said that they were just "hating".

Now you say your squat is around the OP's, at 160 kg.

I'm confused. I would've said you could squat a lot more than 352 if that video I saw was legit.

BTW, I was going to link to the video, but you have removed it for some reason.


I feel the opposite, I feel I would lift more with conventional, but I cant seem to get the form right i.e keep my back straight etc, sumo is easier to get into position, I just cant figure out what I need to do that will fix it, stuff like hips flying up to fast making in back dominant. Do you do any extra stuff to help i.e specific stretching etc?


Stupid site has not shown my post, anyway, do you do any stretching etc to help with deadlifts, I struggle to get into a good position on conventional even though I know I can lift more that way, I lift sumo so I keep back straight etc, any advice on that would be much appreciated.


Sounds like your form is off and you just need practice and a good source to learn DL form from. There's some decent deadlift articles on the site and Mark Ripptoe has a good description of C. DL form too (my favorite personally of what I've read).


and the plot thickens.


BAHAHAHAAA.....good one dude, literal LOL!

Can't wait to see where it goes from here!


Thats with chains, easier with mostly chains and less actual plate weight. whats so difficult to understand bub


"Bub", I'm not stupid I understand how chains work and I realise that some chain was on the ground at the bottom, but from about half way up you were lifting the whole amount right?

My best squat is 462 lbs and I'm pretty sure that I would not attempt to squat 35% more than my max with chains (625 lbs) off of squat stands without a spotter nearby, and be able to do it as effortlessly as you did.

Why not post your video back up? so people can see what I'm saying.



Most of the time when you gain weight your core thickens which adds support to a squat.

I gained an extra 10 lbs and my squat shot up while my deadlift didn't move much at all.

Your numbers are normal though.


You could always just quit deadlifting for a time. That would close the gap.


Op. your ratios aren't unusual. As several posters have pointed out, there are a number of factors that play in:
Geared lifters are usually helped more in the squat that the DL
Heavier lifters often have a better relative squat.

I also might mention that limb lengths have an impact. For instance, long arms help the DL but not the squat. Taller lifters often struggle with the squat.
Myself, (light for my height, long arms) I deadlift much more. My numbers (2 years ago when I was in better shape), were very similar to yours.