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Making Raw Nut Butters


what kind of food processor would i need to make nut butters? i often see the vitamix blender recommended but thats like $450. i dont want to spend that much, i want some thing only for making raw nut butters because thats all i will use it for. could i use a regular blender?


I dunno bout a blender, but you can probably pick up a small food processor for under 50 bucks at Sears, or Bed, Bath & Beyond.



It's possible with a blender, however you'd need a food processor like blade, something low to the bottom of the "basin"


While I was in Colombia this past summer, it was impossible to find peanut butter. Then only place we saw it was in Bogota at the supermarket, and it was about $9 US per jar of Jif. You could however, find peanuts fairly easily, so what we did, was to use my buddies coffee grinder. Worked pretty good, just took awhile due to the small size of the grinder(could only fit a large handful at a time). We didn't have TV though, so it was at least something to pass the time.

If you use the grinder for other stuff, make sure you clean it out good. My buddy used it to grind peppercorns, so even though we cleaned it out pretty good, the first batch of peanut butter had a bit of a kick to it.