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Making protein powder taste good?

I am one of those lazy people who NEEDS a protein supplement to meet his recommended daily dose (about 120g) of protein.

However, ever since trying the “Fat Fast” diet (made me forever swear off dieting), the taste, nay, the SMELL of my protein powder is vomit-inducing. It’s good quality powder (27g protein/0.6g fat/1.5g carbs, no artificial sweeteners), and i have half of a tub left. However, it is definitely not tasty at all. The flavor is “wildberry”…shudder

I need some advice on making this crap edible so that I can buy something tastier once I’m through. Anything that comes to mind.

hehe even thinking about ff food makes me shudder… and its been like a year now

Grow tastes good

I’ve mixed up my old crap protein with Grow!.. you could do the same. Since wildberry + chocolate AP is absurb, I’d try maybe vanilla Grow!, some oatmeal or cottage cheese and jam.

Buy some chocolate GROW! and mix your old stuff in.

Do you eat oatmeal or rice or any simliar items. If so just mix in 1 scoop or so into them and it will add protein to them, balance out the horrible flavor, and give you a way ot get rid of it, so you can buy something else.


Am I the only one who doesn’t get turned off of protein powder or oil after a Fat Fast cycle? Doesn’t bother me during or after.

Chug It! Chug It! Chug It! Chug It! Chug It!!! Nice job buddy!!!

Use some sugar free pudding mix. Maybe you can make it chocolate wildberry :wink:

Actually, when I lived in the UK I used to buy this really shit tasting wildberry whey protein; I used to mix it with flaxseed oil and water - absolutely revolting; very nearly made me vomit on several occasions, as well as giving me a bizarre headeach (some whey protein brands seem to do this to me, especially when flax is mixed in). Now that I’m back home in Australia I just buy Max’s whey protein; vanilla; tastes great even in water - I tend to skip that flavoured stuff, although Optimum Nutrition’s chocolate is ok tasting. But to answer your question… ditch it! I couldn’t make that wildberry stuff good with anything - I have a hunch it could be the same brand (I can’t think of it off the top of my head!).

Mix it in with other foods! Maybe with cottage cheese, oatmeal, yogurt or other stuff to help mask the taste but still get the protein. How comeyou only get 120g of protein a day? That seems awfully low.

Get yourself a length of garden hose and a funnel, and make yourself a protein shake bong.

Seriously though, just mix it into some better tasting protein powder. You can also try adding soem sort of flavoring, like powdered Coffee Mate (the flavored kind).

Ditch the wildberry and buy some Grow. Life is too short to hate mealtimes. Give it away to a newbie who doesn’t give a damn what things taste like. Throw it away. Put it in little baggies and give it to kiddies as Halloween treats. Just DON’T keep torturing yourself with this crap.

ICE cubes, Sugar Free Kool-Aid, your Protein powder in a blender on full until the Ice Cubes are completely crushed and you have a Protein smoothie that tastes like the Kool-Aid flavor. Do not add the Flax seed oil, that one you just have to bow up and shoot straight.

This might make you people sick, but I prefer AP+Flax over AP alone. Cottage cheese + AP takes the cake, however.

Pluto – what’s AP?

AP = Advanced Protein I assume… and it has just clicked; that was the brand of that vile wildberry stuff I had! That’s the only whey protein that gives me headaches, what’s the deal with that?

[Note from Mod: AP does not come in that flavor. You’re mistaken.]

Well it was Advanced something! :slight_smile: I haven’t had the stuff in years, it’s not surprising I can’t remember it fully!

A good trick I used to do to make my strawberry proteins taste better is to use a little peanut butter and a little bit of Spirutein Bannana. The Spirutein is AWESOME! No fake bannana flavor here. It really has bananna in it and tastes as such. It is fairly high carb, but a little will do you. I mix it with most of my protein powders. For chocolate, Grow low carb is probably the best protein on the market.


Hmm…how about this idea?
200g banana, for flavor
1/4 cup bran (45% fiber woowee!), for texture
1 scoop…wildberry…, for vomit-inducement
1/2 cup cottage cheese (because it’s sweet!)

I’ll mix one up now and tell you what I thought of it heh.