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Making Protein Capsules?

There are a million recipes for no-bake protein balls using whey powder and all kinds of tasty stuff. You could make your own with chocolate chips, similar to the Met Rex bar.

Protein pancakes are OK too. Maybe some protein muffins.

I will have to start cooking more chicken and finding different ways of cooking it. I usually bake a whole chicken but i like the legs and wings and stuff well done so the breast usually gets pretty dry. Maybe I’ll have to start cooking them breast down with some broth in the pan or just go for the crock pot

Instant pot can make chicken ok. In general though, I’m not a fan of it as a meat. I’ll only eat it if I can’t get a deal on beef.

The grill is a good way to go.

If you are going to do this long term, you need to stop eating dry chicken. It needs to taste good, or you probably won’t stick with it.

I eat a lot of beef, pork and some chicken. I mostly save chicken for going out, since I don’t like cooking chicken.

Do you have a slow cooker? Chicken is pretty detestable to work with IMO but throwing some chicken breasts in a slow cooker tends to result in a fine end product.

That is true. I will throw just a bit of cream cheese and buffalo sauce in with it. Then shred it at the end.

I haven’t eaten a chicken breast in 2+ years. I absolutely hate them. The meat just doesn’t taste good no matter how someone cooks them. Chicken legs are a whole different story though :slight_smile:

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1 - Cover it in spices.
2 - Don’t let my missus near it

Nandos rub is my favourite, I don’t know if you have that stateside.

You gotta figure that, if your protocol to make food taste good is the same protocol you’d use to hide drugs you were smuggling across the border, it’s just not worth it.

These edible water bubbles/pods is what I was envisioning, it’s water with an edible coating to help cut down on waste, and I imagine that yes, you could probably make protein pods as well.

Also these were pitched on shark tank. It’s a single serving of protein powder in a water soluble casing, I imagine you could eat it.


I love the idea that swallowing capsules of protein is somehow easier or more palatable than mixing it with water. There’s no way a 25ish gram serving of protein would fit into 15 capsules. You’d probably be looking at more like 25-30, unless the capsules are huge. That sounds fucking awful.

Re: chicken. I suggest spending 600 dollars on a green egg smoker, and cooking chicken, and all other meats, on that. I use my green egg for fucking everything. Chicken is one thing that benefits most from a smoker like mine. It keeps all the moisture in. Waaaaay better than baking a chicken. Baked chicken is really hard to make taste good.

Obviously I don’t actually expect most people to shell out the cash for a green egg, but I do think it’s one of the best options out there for cooking almost anything.