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Making Protein Capsules?

Has anyone ever packed whey isolate or regular protein powders into capsules or have any suggestions on the most effective way of doing so. The shakes are tough to get down, and I have tried so many times over the years to stay consistant with them but I just want to puke while choking them down. I would much rather swallow 10-15 capsules in place of a shake. The Metrx cookie dough bars are one source that i actually enjoy eating but would love to figure something else out. Any thoughts would be appreciated

Jack Links makes a pretty good alternative.

But yeah, you could technically encapsulate protein powder, but you’d need to do a ton of pills to get any decent serving. Even if you get the horse-pill-sized 000 caps, you’re looking at a little less than 1g protein per capsule, so you really will be popping 15 or more caps at a time, plus the time/energy it takes to make a bunch of caps every week or two.

Really doesn’t seem worth it. I’d go with a better tasting shake like Metabolic Drive or just use food.

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Why not just not drink shakes? There’s nothing magical about it.

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I do as much as I can stand but once I gag once it’s game over. Will have to just start making more homemade jerky

I think you may have misread by comment.

I’m asking why you’re drinking shakes at all? Why not just eat food? There’s nothing magic about shakes. If they make you gag, don’t make capsules, just eat food.

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I’m struggling to see what is so unpleasant about it. What brand? And how much are you making?

You can get 30g of whey mixed in a very small amount of water and down it like a shot.

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I have a tough time with chicken and stuff too its just convenient to be able to get down a large amount of protein without choking down dry chicken and stuff. Jerky I can eat nonstop though gonna try that for a while and see how much i can get from it.

Good lord man: eat beef. Or pork. Or dark meat chicken. Or use some sour cream and avocado. Why are you eating dry chicken?


I honestly don’t know. I have tried many brands. It may just be a mental thing. Milk grosses me out too. I could eat a gallon of ice cream but couldnt be paid to drink a glass of milk.

Optimum nutrition 100% whey mint choc , 1 scoop in 100ml of water. Drink like shot, it’s so easy.

I haven’t had a “protein” shake or anything like that in the last 4 years. All my protein comes from real food. I haven’t had any problems and I eat A LOT less than a lot of our members on here.

I mix up the meats though and don’t weigh anything. Some weeks it’s chicken legs and salmon, some weeks it’s lamb and shrimp, some weeks it’s whole chicken and goat, etc.

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It’s pretty good, I prefer the cappuccino flavour one though.

OP: protein pills sounds like a bloody awful idea. Just terrible. Don’t take fitness advice from David Bowie songs.

I ended up just going out and stocking up on 40 lbs of ribeye and serloin and another 15 lbs of round roast for jerky. Got like 5lbs dehydrating in the oven already.

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How will you get 55 lbs of meat into capsules? That seems even harder than your whey protein pill idea.


Gonna press it in there real hard

You made them suppositories?

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Yea when you make the jerky all the fat and grease seep out and coat the outside. Self lubed fresh from the oven


Get an unflavored powder and toss it in a fruit smoothie

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Priceless! :rofl:

Have you tried almond milk with it? Or maybe eat like 2 more ounces of chicken and skip the shake lol