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Making Progress When Family Eats Poorly

I’d include some form of cardio, absolutely. It doesn’t need to be long slow steady paced, though. Play sports, run hills, farmers walks, etc… Try and make it fun.

Your weight lifting focus should be on building or rebuilding a foundation on a few compound movement. Squat, Overhead Press, Bench, Deadlift, etc… I’d do a lot of BW stuff, personally. Dips, pull-ups, push-ups, etc…

Theoretically, you should recover your old shape faster, but there’s no real gurantee and I wouldn’t worry about it.

If your gym has a solid bar, plenty of plates, and a rack then you should be fine.

You can post a pic, but it isn’t necessary. I’d keep one as a way to visual progress, though.

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Absolutely, I just wanted to make it clear.


I’ll post a pic of the gym later in the afternoon or night. Oh, and we’re approaching summer down here xD