Making Progress, Should I Eat More?

Hello. I posted some pictures a couple months back.
(the old thread with pictures )I am still 15 years old (16 in 2 days). I would like to just get all the critique I could get, whether improvements for my program, improvements for my pose or what else you can think of, so I can improve even more.

Some feats.
I do 9 hanging pull-ups (overhand grip) with my bodyweight
210 lbs bench press, 4 reps
80 lbs incline dumbbell bench press, 7 reps
300 lbs deadlift, 3-4 reps

4 pictures. In the front-pose I don’t flex. They are all without a pump.

My program looks like this at the moment. I try not to hit failure, and when I lift I am feeling like puking and completely red in the face. I am adding ~5 lbs to my lifts every week
Monday / Wednesday / Friday - upper-body split
Bench Press / DB Incline 6x6
Pull-ups 5x5-7
DB Military 1-2x8
Lateral Raise 2x10
Cable Rows 2x8
Rear Lateral Raise
Push-ups 1x15
Rotator Cuff

Tuesday / Saturdarday - lower-body split
DB/BB Squats and/or BB deadlift (the reps and sets varies)
And then some hamstrings and calfs and abs

I never get sore from my workouts, and I hear alot of people sayings “you don’t get sore because you don’t lift with enough intensity” but I don’t think I could give me anymore when I train. I have only gotten sore 3-4 times in the 11-12 months I have lifted. Do you think it matters?

I am still at 210-215 lbs bodyweight and the weight don’t seem to go up, but it looks like im still increasing my muscle-mass. Should I eat more? I am eating around 4000 cals (it is 4000 the days I count them, and I guess it is the same the days I don’t count them)

My goal is muscle-mass with some strength ontop.

First of all, good work so far. You’re way ahead of most at your age.

Soreness usually comes the first time you introduce a new exercise, technique or set/rep-range. It definitely isn’t a good gauge for progress. As long as you are able to increase your weights on a consistent basis, you’re fine.

You may want to switch it up after a while, eg. put more emphasis on rowing movements.

Upping the calories definitely won’t hurt.