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Making Progress, Additional Advice Welcome


Hello Everyone,
Firstly I'd like to thank everyone in advance for taking the time to respond and any criticisms or kudos' are definitely welcome. Been reading the forums for a little while now and finally decided to get some direct input/advice. I just started lifting about 8 weeks ago and in this time I've added a few pounds, 7lbs to be exact and am looking to end up somewhere in the neighborhood of 175-180lbs all said and done. I have no set time line really to achieve this weight since I'm just lifting to get more fit but was wondering how long I should expect it to take. Currently it seems I am gaining at about 1lb per week but I suspect that the larger you get the harder it will be to keep gains linear.

Aside from the weight gain goals I would also like to add some mass to my entire upper body (shoulders/back/arms/chest). I know currently I'm far from being monstrously big but I didn't realize until after having these pictures taken how small I look!

I try to lift at least 4x a week and this has been working for me so far but there's always room for improvement. I do work very hard when in the gym and motivation isn't an issue for me.

3x6 flat Benchpress
2x7 decline bench
2x7 incline
2x6 skullcrushers
2x10 tri kickback
3x6 working sets of Deadlifts
3x6 DB Rows
2 sets of to failure bodyweight pull ups
2 sets of either DB or BB curls
Usually includes a couple sets of woodchopper or variations of

Leg Days are something like:
3x6 working sets of back squats
2x8 OH squat
Then OH barbell lunges to one side of the yoga studio and back x2
Usually includes a couple sets of woodchopper or variations of

Willy Nilly Upper body day
Consists of whatever I feel like working. Usually involves some type of shoulder pressing and lateral lifts.

Personal stats:
25yrs old
Just shy of 5'7"
Cambodian/Chinese mix

Pictures aren't the most superb quality but are as follows:








Post info about your diet. you only have 3 leg exercises but 5 for chest and triceps and 4 for back and biceps. add in some hamstring exercises. you should turn that random day into a shoulder day, because you have very little shoulder exercises


Ok, I'll try adding in another exercise on leg day. The reason I originally had just the 3 is because I usually feel it in the hamstrings on deadlifting days too so i figured it would be ok. I was browsing through some exercises hamstrings and I think I will start out with the good mornings, but if there is another exercise that is more efficient for time put in please do tell.

I'll have to do a bit more researching on a shoulder routine before I commit, I injured my anterior delt last year during rock climbing so it gets aggravated pretty easy on my left side.

As far as my diet, an average day looks something like this. There are, of course, small variations but nothing too drastic:

Wake up:
This is taken between 30-45min before work out at approx. 5:30am
shake consisting of 1 scoop whey, 1 scoop nat pb, 1 banana, bunch of ice, handful of oatmeal, 6-8oz of milk all thrown in and blended.

Work out from approx 6-7am and then 1 scoop whey with water directly after

approx 8am
2 cups baby green salad (usually spinach/romaine) with half a good sized tomato + half a chicken breast and balsamic vinaigrette

approx 12pm
same salad as above or russet potato with half chicken breast and multivitamin

approx 4pm
vegetable heavy stir-fry with some type of meat and white rice

approx 7:30
usually some stew and rice

before bed
8oz of milk

Snacks throughout the day consist of bananas and string cheese

If there's a change in diet you think I should make feel free and let me know.