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Making Pills from Raw Powder

good morning people, just bought some raw clomifen, which is way cheaper than in pills. I know I can use vodka to disolve it and to take it, but I would like to make them into pills, does anyone know an easy DIY pill maker with different mg quantities exactly? Thanks guys.

I’d go with capsules that’s the easy way. You can get a capsule machine relatively easily and then you just mix the Clomifene with some inert sugar or sugar alcohol like mannitol or lactose and then you fill them. There’s videos on how to properly dose the powder.

With tablets its not that easy I think, at least I’m not aware of cheap presses for tablets. An eccentric press would be relatively cheap but that’s still too expensive. The problem with tablets is, you need to generate enough pressure so the components plastically deform.

thanks for replying man. Yes, the main factor here is price, that’s the reason to buy raw, cannot afford an expensive machine nor I plan on becoming an UGL haha. I will look into capsules then, do you know what prices are we talking about? Cheers

You can buy empty capsules on amazon for a few bucks

but how do you measure let’s say…5 mg?

For that you’d need a scale, also available on Amazon

+1 for capsules.

Its fiddly but you do a dry run with filler powder(I used to use protein powder) to see how much it takes to fill up a run of capsules. Weigh that, and record.

Then work out how many mg /capsule of clomid you want. Multiply that by how many capsules you used and that’s how much clomid you need. Record that weight.

Subtract the total weight of the clomid needed from the weight of protein powder that you used for the dry run.
That’s your recipe.

Mix together in a motor and pestle to get an even mix, then start filling the capsules for your batch.

Google making capsules, on homebrew steroid sites for more detailed information.

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will try that, thanks man

Think about it, that would solve your affordability problem in the long run :laughing:

:rofl::rofl: yeah man, if it wasn’t for the little inconvenience of being illegal haha

hey man, I am doing exactly this, but I have a problem, how do you mix it all evenly?

get a semi auti pill capper from amazon, like 20$, then use a filler, you can make 100 caps at once, i pretty much only cap my own supplements and “Supplements”

That is the flat device with holes in it right? what do you use as a filler? how do you mix it properly? thanks for replying mate :muscle:

yeah, its a plate system, pretty easy to use, still takes a bit of time, but its WAY faster than doing them 1 by 1 by hand. and you get 100 at once.

as for filler, depends what the powder looks. some are more fluffy, ill use flour, or if its grainy creatine, i try and get something of similar texture to make sure it mixes evenly, you can use whatever you have around really, ive used protein powder.

You fill the cap with your filler, weigh that out. then subtract what mg of whatever you want in and multiple by 100. so lets say a size 0 pill takes 3.5g of powder and you want 5mg pills, you would do, 300g of filler, 50grams of your powder. ( this is not accurate just an example)

ill put it in a seal able container, spoon it up, kind of grind into it to mix it good. put the top on, shake like crazy, then spoon around again , rinse and repeat, to make sure its fully mixed evenly.

Then you basically have your pre mixed powder with fuller for your 100 pills, load your empties into the rack, poor on top and fill all your pills at once and cap.

Now I understand how to do it perfectly, really appreciate your help, so glad there are guys like you in these sites. Thanks mate! :muscle:

Matty, Mix with a mortar and pestle. After the steroid powder and filler powder have been worked out, Put the steroid powder in the mortar, add a little filler and mix/grind it together. Then add a little more filler to the steroid, and repeat in several stages until you have the full amount well mixed, and then fill the capsules.

btw, which is the best size for the capsules? I see a lot of people using 0 bit to me it is big.

I can’t remember which one’s I used. Its been years since I’ve done it, or taken orals.
It probably doesn’t matter because the majority of stuff in the capsule is filler, so any size will do.

I used 0 since the cap plate maker was that size, yes they are a bit bigger, just takes more filler really, no difference.

I pretty much do exactly this, but with a bowl with a lid and a spoon.