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Making Peanut Butter


I figured it'd be cheaper to make peanut butter from stratch rather than to buy it in a jar, so does anyone have instructions to make it?



ok this is complicated, but I'll do the best I can.
Get your peanuts. open the bag/box/jar of peanuts. Get a food processor. Now bear with me, pour the peanuts into the food processor. Here's the tricky step: turn on the food processor. There ya go.

haha nah for real, just blend em up in that. 1 trick I have, after you run it for a while, take the peanut butter out, get it in a microwavable dish, zap it for a a little while, then re-run it through the food processor. Heat will increase solubility.


Just wondering if I should add any oil or anything else in there, because I don't see how I could make it as "buttery" as the ready ones without adding anything in there.


Peanuts already contain plenty of oil.

The only think you might possibly want to add is a little salt.


LOL - yup! it's really that easy - I usually put a spoon of honey and some olive oil in too to make it more....



If buy this organic peanut butter.It tastes so good.It's just like homemade peanut butter.Natures promise is the brand.


It actually is not going to be buttery. After a few days the oil and the solid part will separate. You will have to mix it each time you use it with a spoon or something. Make sure you use unsalted p nuts.


Put it in the fridge, and the oil will not seperate as much, if at all.


If you have a Whole Foods in your area, some of them let you make your own peanut butter.

However, it's not like PB is all that expensive. What is a 16oz jar of natural cost? $2.50 or so. I can't seemaking your own being that much cheaper, or is it?