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Making of a Bench Monster

So basically I have decided to just focus on bench press as my main lift. Yes I am still going to squat and deadlift but with lower weights and higher reps. My reasons behind this is basically because I want to.

My routine, Monday Bench, Tuesday Legs, Wednesday Bench (might change to OHP as bench increases) Thursday Back, Friday Bench.

height : 5’11
weight : 111kg (245lbs)
age : 16 (17 in march)

squat : 182kg (405lbs)
bench : 122kg (265lbs)
deadlift : 145kg for 10 reps (never maxed out)

today was bench.
3x3 110kg
5x8 yate rows 80kg
floor press 4x8 80kg
ohp 55kg 3x8 (normally can go 65kg but was so fried)
upright row 3x20 25kg
close girp bench 5xfail 40kg

hitting back tomorrow

Hit back today.
Deadlift 2x8 130kg
Rackpulls 2x12 110kg 2x10 120kg
Yate rows 2x12 60kg 2x8 80kg
Behind the neck press 3x12 40kg 2x15 30kg
Facepulls/pull aparts with bands
Dumbbell curls 2x10 15kg 2x5 20kg

Decided to lower the resting times and weights to get a good burn. Behind the neck presses for sure hit the traps and rear delts even the lats, can fell it today.

Bench tomorrow hopefully hit a 3 rep PR