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Making My Own Dance Pole


Any tips ladies & gents? my girl & i just moved into our apartment & im looking to build strip pole for her... which ill get the most benefit out of anyway. i googled it but i can only pics of ones i can order


it's a pole
what you have to know?

find the righr diameter... and enjoy


Step One: Go to Home Deport/Lowes
Step Two: Buy a pole
Step Three: Position pole upright
Step Four: Attach pole to floor
Step Five: Attach pole to six


Step Seven: Insert pole in girlfriend....or whatever.


Are you sure you are allowed to modify the structure of your apartment? That is usually a big no-no. Something tells me you probably wouldn't get your deposit back if there was a stripper pole in the middle of the living room.


That's classy.


damn.. you don't need to "modify" the structure of the apartment.. you can add a pole in a an "easy and clean" manner...

all you need are woods and pole and some tools...


make sure you get her a thick bar... it's what they recomend all the time at Elite fitness....


hahah what a coincidence! my roommate this year is a stripper and she just finished building one for her apartment. sorry, this is the best picture i could find of it...

measure the distance from the floor to the ceiling and subtract about 7 inches for the length of the pole. use a large pipe with 4 holes on each end for bolts.

then build a sturdy wooden square-shaped base about 25 square feet (5x5) and 6 inches high. bolt one end of the pole to the center of this base, and make sure there is support for the pole directly underneath where it's bolted on.

on the top end of the pole, place a 3x3 feet board and bolt it on. then bolt the four corners of the board to the ceiling. (this is better than bolting the pole directly into the ceiling because it spreads out the pressure and reduces the risk of ceiling breaking!)

kind of ghetto, but gets the job done. you can always paint the whole contraption.

hope this helps. peace out


In an old issue of Stuff there was an article on how to build your own stripper pole at home. If only I could find the article...


i plan on putting a smoke detector over the hole i make in the ceiling. Prob only be 2 small holes...


Awesome pic.


Haha wow. I think there are certain points in your life where you need to re-evaluate what you are doing with it, if I were that girl, that would be one of them.


hahah nahh it was her bday party... doesn't everyone get naked on their bday? isn't that why they call it the bday suit? hmmm..



I'm not joking. I just bought a house and I was looking to put a stripper pole in the rec room. One minute on google and I found stripperpole.com. Basic, removable, sturdy, "dance pole" $229.00

I'd rather get a good one than have my entertainment come crashing down off of the pole for my stupidity.