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making my own clubbells

I thought of taking an olimpic weight (a small one), and seeing if it fit onto any of the baseball bats they sell in wal-mart…
this, I think is a better idea for a clubbell because you can configure the weight and it’s cheaper…


I bought a pair of 15lb clubbells a while ago. I have to admit I was looking for a change. Something to shake up my routine. How foolish I was! I used them for a while and honestly did not see any improvement in over all strength. My wrists got a little sore from using them, but that’s about it. The bad part is, the key exercises that do make a big difference in strength all fell off when I was “experimenting” with clubbells.

I think it’s far more natural and better for the body to do free hand floor exercises if you want a change of pace. You could also try some “strongmen” movements. Sandbags, rocks, logs etch. Don’t get me wrong anything you do can help you in some way. The problem becomes how much time do you dedicate to something like clubbells? This “circular strength” that is promoted with clubbells is pretty much a bunch of malarky, in my humble opinion.

My suggestion for you is to stick with the basics. Squat, Deadlift, Barbell Press and a great exercise called Chin-ups!

Ask yourself this: If these clubbells are so great why did they not progress through the years like barbells and dumbbells have? Whatever works progresses and whatever does not work is lost to antiquity! At least until some enterprising person attempts a revival with flashy marketing.

There will be many fads that come and go. When Clubbells have long since had their flash in the pan, people will still be squatting, Deadlifting and Chinning. And doing all the other staples that have been making people strong for mnay years!

How do plan on getting the weight inside the bat? Are you going to grind the end off of a metal bat, and weld it back on after you get the weight in? In that case I would just buy some lead at the hardware store and throw it in using some kind of filler to keep it from moving around too much. Better yet how about sand or gravel if you really want to save some money.

zhaves just so that you know weight distbrution will bee diffrent from a real clubbell. Clubbells was design for a specific purpopse. Unless you can use diffrent size weighted base ball bats or some how find heavy cylinder its not the same thing at all.