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Making My 'Comeback' With Beyond 5/3/1


well, hello everyone. Anyone miss me? I've been on the shelf since July - completely tore my right pectoral muscle. Needed surgery to reattach it, developed a massive hematoma after surgery, which required a SECOND surgery! Needless to say, it's been a long depressing road since then...

Anyway, I followed 5/3/1 for over 2 years with awesome results, NO injuries, which for an over 35 lifter, is pretty damn good. Last spring, an old friend of mine opened a cross fit place, but being an ex-strongman, his programming wasn't typical CrossFit - his place does heavy strength work every day, followed by a 10-20 minute met con. Perfect...or so I thought.

His trainer (a great guy) had us lifting 1, 2, or 3 rep maxes on all 4 big lifts, multiple times per week... week after week. at first, it was great. Worked my into the top spot on all the big 4 lifts on the whiteboard (which certainly stoked my 38 year old ego). But didn't take long for injuries to start accumulating. First, a fractured fibula, then, as soon as that healed - the pec tear!

I learned a hard lesson. For an older lifter, the 5/3/1 principles are pure GOLD! I LOVE this new 5/3/1 program from the article today!! I won't be cleared for full lifting until January, but when I am, I will start this program to a "T",, and I think I will even give the supplement regiment a go.

Maybe I will even document my progress for the fun of it!!!


[quote]Hospitaller wrote:
completely tore my right pectoral muscle. Needed surgery to reattach it[/quote]
How long ago was that and how has your recovery been? Do you think you will ever bench more than you did before the pec tear?


surgery to repair the pec was July 23rd, 2nd surgery for hematoma was 3 days later. Recovery has been slow and frustrating. The surgeon that did the work is one of the Raven’s ortho docs. He told me if I listen to him and DO NOT lift until he tells me to, then the pec will be almost 100% back. He said if I am stupid and try to do something too soon, then I could ruin it, and the surgery would be for nothing. Needless to say, I am doing exactly what he tells me

I am optimistic that my bench will get back to where it was before the injury