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Making My Chest Tighter


Really just curious about the best way to tone, rip, and slim my chest.

As of now my chest day consist of flat dumb bell bench or bar ball with band resistance, incline dumb bell, cable crosses high, cable crosses low, and flat flies sometimes incline flies. Mix in pushups too and sometimes dumb bell pullovers. I do all of those usually 3-4 sets of 8 going down to 6 on the last set.

Definitely not looking to make my chest "bigger." Wouldn't say I have "man boobs" but I would like them to be tighter and more tone over being buffer and bigger.

Thanks a lot


There is no such thing as toning muscle. There is only losing muscle or gaining muscle.

Get your diet in order to get rid of your man boobs. If you don't have man boobs, then get a bigger chest.


It's not like your going to get a big chest over night. Make your chest grow. Stop when your happy with it.


to rip your chest get a cheese-grater and proceed to press it against your skin several times.



lol @ OP...


please do this op, your post contained all of my most hated words


If anything I suggest you do a lot more research. You need to learn how to lift properly, as well as discover a training regiment thats healthy and works for you. I can tell you this, the chances of you "toning" your chest over a month or two isn't going to happen. If I understand you correctly, what you want its going to take a lot of work. If anything look at the videos on how to correctly exercise as well as reading articles to understand HOW to exercise. Then incorporate the changes you need to make, like a change in your diet for example. Focus on maximizing all your workouts rather than just trying to make one muscle better.

Hope you get something out of that.


That's a lot of volume, and a generally redundant routine. There's no reason whatsoever to do three of four different kinds of flyes in the same workout. What does the rest of your training week look like?

Also, explain the benefit of pressing with band resistance? I'm betting you're not experienced enough to need them just yet. Focusing on the basics will most likely be plenty for now.

What's your current height, weight, and general condition (not bodyfat %, but pudgy, soft, lean, ripped, etc.)?

How long have you been lifting?

What kind of weight are you using on the bench, squat, deadlift, row, and overhead press?


Well, to rip it up, you could simply have a surgeon (or a good friend with a scalpel) cut your chest muscles from their insertion points; once you've got it out, give it to a tiger, or other large animal that eats flesh and has claws. Mission accomplished.


also remember virgins have the tightest chests

or am i thinking of a different body part.....


^Judging by the responses so far you may not get a reply.

@OP: it sounds like you just started lifting and you are worried about your chest becoming too big.
This is not muscle it is fat. Get on a good diet and program.


I am a somewhat large animal that eats flesh (no claws though).

I hear noob pecs are like veal. soft, tender, juicy on the grill... nomnomnomnom


I rarely do, but I still ask.
<-- Glutton for punishment, I guess.

But then, replies like this make it worthwhile...

Well played, sir. :wink: