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Making Muscles

Looking for thoughts from all who can help. I’ve lifted for years, have a solid physique at 6 foot/ 200 lbs. My dilemma is that even in the face of 2-3 serious heavy workouts/ week, a good diet and rest, whey protein, vitamins, EFA’s and Tribex, my muscles have a smooth layer on top and don’t feel truly hard underneath- is the answer in cardio ? being more ripped ? more frequent training ?- my form working out is impeccable- isolate and feel muscles so I’m not throwing weights haphazardly . . but i always look more like a bouncer than a physique competitor. Any personal success stories, tricks to share ? Thanks all
ps: Totally paranoid in losing too much size all for a set of abs . .if you know what I mean . .

It sounds like your training and food intake is excellent. My trainer pushes me to do the hour of cardio at a heart rate between 140 to 160. This exersise along with natural carbs from vegies and fruit helps to give that ripped appearance. At 44 I need to do more than most people in a health club to get ripped. My program is alot like yours only I am constantly struggling to get the cardio in to help develop the cut.