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Making Money Through Ebay


Just interested to see if anyone here makes a living, or even a side income from selling stuff on Ebay?
The reason I ask is that someone I know has a good friend who has just made his first million doing this, and he's been at it just under two years. I wondering is that an anomaly or par for the course?

If anyones got any horror stories about selling/buying through ebay, feel free to add your 2 cents...


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Yep, I know a guy who makes a great living via Ebay. Supports a wife and 2 kids, lives in a large new house. Been doing it for at least 5 years.


If you don't mind me asking, what type of stuff does your friend sell through there ID?


What type of stuff does your friend sell, Kreb?


A buddy of mine does that, but I'm not sure how much money he makes doing it. He's always been a hustler of sorts and the rare times he actually has a 9 to 5 job it's strictly for appearance's sake. But I'm pretty sure he makes good scratch since he's been doing it for years now.

What he does is he shows up to these auctions at abandoned storage units and bids on the entirety of the unit. They don't let you go into the unit and pick through everything so you have to give a lump sum bid that covers everything and hope that you find some quality shit in there. He usually drops 500-800 bucks per unit.


I think once you try any idea that's half decent, you'll be surprised how easy it can actually be to make money selling products or services online. Do you know what kinds of things he sells?


Porn mostly.


Not my friend, he's a friend of a friend. I'm don't have all the details, but I think its mostly sporting equipment, as well as some clothing as well.


Yeah I've been looking into whether or not it would be feasible for me to get started as an eBay seller. Doing it on a commercial level would no doubt be a lot of work, but my work situation is sporadic at the moment, and so I have the extra time to give something like this a go.


A friend of mine has made a few grand recently selling feathers.

Apparently women are going nuts for fly tying feathers and salons and individuals are buying capes which cost very little for a whole hell of a lot, like 3,4,and 5 hundred dollars.


People will buy anything!


Bit of a gamble but I guess if people have shit worth storing, it's likely to have some value (though then if it's worth abandoning then maybe not??).


He's actually my cousin's neighbor... who is now a friend whenever I see him. lol

I never asked him what type of stuff, but I will next time I see him.


He got fucked a couple times when he first started. But he always says that as you gain more experience with this stuff you can just kind of tell which unit has good shit and which doesn't based on the type of furniture you can see, which is all you can really see from the outside of one of these units anyways.

He's come up on some really cool shit though. Probably about 50 different pieces of antique furniture, a comic collection that he sold to a collector for a couple grand, a couple flat screens that were tucked in the back of the unit and easily covered twice what he paid for everything, some autographed sports memorabilia and a lot of old books. The books aren't worth much, but he's started collecting rare editions and that sort of thing and collectively they are worth much more than they are individually. So there's always the possibility you find shit that interests you personally, along with stuff that can make you money.


I hear it helps to have what you're selling on eBay as a hobby of sorts already. I have a friend who's really into books. She buys hardback books at library bookstores for pennies and either adds them to her collection or turns around and lists them on eBay or Amazon (buyer usually pays for the shipping too).


Storage wars FTW!!!!


I hear that running a scam on eBay could be pretty lucrative.


A former co-worker got me into selling retro Jordans on ebay. Bought our first batch, sold them fairly easily for decent money, about $200-300 total profit for ten pair of shoes. Bought our second batch, and posted them, and started getting accused of selling fakes. So I looked into it more, and found a website telling how to spot fakes. Lo and behold, we were selling counterfeit Jordans. Apparently, the factories in China or wherever will make the shoe orders for Nike, and ship them, but they will also make more shoes on the same molds but using subpar materials and improper markings, and sell them via the internet very cheap. They look like Jordans, unless you know what to look for. So, if you see retro Jordans for sale on ebay at a cheap price (and a lot of them will also jack the price up to what real ones are worth, to make it more believable), they are most likely fakes. Moral, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.