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Making Money on Ehow


Anyone else use this site?

I dunno if there has ever been a thread about Ehow on here but basically its a site where you write how to articles and if you join the writers compensation program (take 2 min) then you can get paid for writing articles based on how popular it is,number of people who click on ads etc.

Ive been writing for a month and have written 46 articles. Ive started making 1.25 a day or more. Now that sounds small but when you think that you can get paid every single day.. in a month thats 38.75. You can also get big jumps in earnings if an article takes off for a few days. A large number of older members make 10-15$ a day, one of the highest earning members making $1000 dollars a month. It all depends on how your articles do. It takes a little while to start earning money because your articles take a while to mature on google etc but its definitely a good investment. Its considered one of the best passive income opportunity there is. Alot of other members also use other sites that im exploring now but im having some good sucess with www.Ehow.com

this is my profile.

http://www.ehow.com/members/petermusante.html?view=3rd I know some of the articles are really gay but they definitely earn money lol.


For the same amount of time invested you could get a part time job delivering pizzas and make 10 times that much.


Can i write an article that would just forward you to wikihow?




It takes real talent to deliver pizzas and somehow qualify that as passive income.


Making articles at eHow would be fun, I mean delivering pizza's would be boring and generic raw labour.

eHow would be fun and entertaining simutaneously, and, best yet, it's freelance

Gotta balance what's better :slightly_smiling: