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Making Metabolic Drive Less Sweet?


I don't know why, but I seem to have developed something with sweet thing so that they upset my stomach, so much so that I can't eat more than 2 Hershey kisses(I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing) without feeling nauseous.

I can no longer stomach my chocolate Metabolic Drive shakes because of this, I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to lessen the sweetness. I've already tried watering it down, and adding cocoa powder to no avail.



i used to have this problem about a month after i started drinking it. my taste just adapted and got over it, but i started doing all kinds of things like mixing it with cottage cheese or peanut butter or cinnamon. get creative


If you want to tone down sweetness, add bitterness.

To do this with Metabolic Drive chocolate, add in 1 TBSP of 100% pure, non-alkalized cocoa powder. The antioxidant content is awesome and it's very good for you, but it's NOT sweet.

Start with 1 TBSP and add in a second TBSP if you don't notice a change in sweetness.

  • Metabolic Drive Choc + instant coffee + ice cubes
  • Try the strawberry and the banana flavor. I find them less sweet tasting.
  • Use Grow! Whey natural flavor, when it becomes available again.


That is a better-tasting idea than adding BCAA's or leucine, which was the only thing I could think of.

Hurts the taste but also does make it seem less sweet.


Add plain whey protein.


Good call. I have one of those "chop chop" things:

I chop up 100% cocoa beans and macadamia nuts. You can finely chop that stuff up, and just mix it (with a spoon) with your protein.

No joke.


Well, it also:

A) provides awesome antioxidant benefits from the cocao (which I'd rather have over anything leucine or BCAAs provide)

B) carries a central idea in cooking that layering flavors of the same family will produce the best end-result flavor (e.g., orange juice (sweet) with orange rind (more bitter)) without screwing up - deviating too much - from the original flavor profile.

Hence, why you would layer a more bitter flavor of chocolate with a "too sweet" chocolate protein powder. It's the most logical flavor "layering."


If you're just too lazy and too damn cheap to pick up cocao powder (seriously, just buy it) you can try adding in 1 TBSP of instant coffee (fresh ground beans are better because you can grind them finer, and I like the sweetness of fresh beans).


I second this idea. You can stack that with any of the other ideas here but adding all sorts of other stuff to the whey will bring you further from what you originally wanted; a protein shake.


I've tried to do the cocao powder, it was still sickly sweet after 4 tablespoons.
I also have a tub of Natural Grow! but its also really sweet.
I'm gonna try the coffee idea.
Thanks for the help guys, I've been so sore from not getting my protein its been killing me.


You could also try not being such a pussy.

Free of charge, you know.