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Making Messy Plans & Neat Progress

Reworked this first post to bring some clarity to what I’m doing

My log is gonna be me trying out a bunch of different programs and hopefully coming out better and stronger while accumulating alot of knowledge on how to train for me.

The first 20 something posts are random training that was just me trying to get back in the swing of going to the gym.

The first program I actually attempt is 531 for Hardgainers on post 31.

The second routine I’m trying out is the Tried and Tried Bodybuilding Template which starts at post 59

Gonna start with my workouts from the last week.

3/14 Legs
Rowing 2:10 500m
Reverse Machine Fly
55x20 70x15 85x15 100x10 115x8
Sumo (Just working form here)
Sumo 45x10 95x3 145x5 165x3 190x3 8
Conv 190x3
Front Squat
45x10 95x10 135x10 10 10
Goblet Bulgarian Squat
Bwx10 50x10 10 15
Lying Leg Curl
70x12 90x10 110x10 130x8
Calf Raise
90x10 110x10 130x10

3/16 Delts and Arms
Reverse Fly
55x 20 70x 15 85x 13 100x 5
Cable Lateral Raises
5x15 10x10 15x3
DB Press
20x18 25x15 30x10 35x7 40x 3
Cable Curl
40x20 50x18 60x14 70x8
Rope Pushdown
30x 20 40x5
20x20 30x12 40x9 50x2
Reverse EZ Curl
20x20 30x11 40x 8 50x2

3/17 Chest Back
Rowing 3:06 758m
18 12 13 11
10 6 7 7
1 DB Bench
35x10 45x10 55x10
1 DB Row
35x15 45x15 55x15
Cable Crunch
85x20 100x12 115x10 130x3

Airdyne 5min 1.57 mi
Trap Bar Deads
135x10 185x10 225x10 245x10
Seated Cable Row
55x15 70x15 85x10 100x6
Plate Curls
45x 15
Plate Shrugs
45x 20
Ladder Mill
1 min 1 min 1 min
Overhead Plate Walk
45x3 laps 1/15 mi each

Shoulder Dislocates
12 reps
Cable Row
72x10 84x10 96x10 108x10 120x10
Box Jump
24in x5 28in x5 32in x3 36in x3 40in x1 44in x1 48in x1 54in x1 (PR!!)

Bjj practice an hour of half guard work and a few hard rolls to end the class.


Right knee was bugging me, probably from calf slicers and the like yesterday, so opted for a quick home workout and pushing legs to Friday.

DB Curl
1 DB Overhead Press
30x15 35x12 45x4
1 DB Row
45x20 20
1 DB Floor Press
45x15 15

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Decided to do legs today before bjj which turned out to be a good call since I didn’t get to do much tonight.

Date 3/23
Shoulder Dislocate
10 10
Front Squat
45x10 95x10 135x10 185x6 155x8
Back Squat 225x1 (hadn’t done a back squat in awhile just took a solid paused rep here)
Bodyweight x 10 10 10 10 10
Goblet Bulgarian Split Squats
50x15 reps each leg

Then I got 20 min into open mat time only to have someone point out that I have ring worm on the back of my left arm. So no jitz practice for me for a little bit :frowning:

Date: 3/25
DB Press 25x20
1 DB Bench 2x6-10 reps
40x10 50x10 60x10 10
1 DB Row 2x10-15 reps
40x15 50x15 60x15 15
Dips 15 10 5
Chins 10 5 2
Skullcrusher 40x 12
EZ Curl 40x 13

Date: 3/26
I have a buddy that lets a bunch us into a high school gym on Sundays to relive the glory days of our basketball careers. Got totally wiped out with a triple overtime game and worst part we ended up losing.

Date 3/27
Still pretty mentally out of it just decided to do some pushups and get back to the gym tomorrow.
Pushups 20 20 20 20 20 20

Date: 3/28
Haven’t done any form of cleans in a long time so this was really fun day practicing form with a few guys. Also I should eventually translate the kgs to lbs because I’m certain those were both PRs

Hang Power Clean
45x5 5 5
Bar plus 20kg x 5 10 5 5 3 2 3
Bar plus 30kg x 5 3 1 1
Bar plus 50kg x 1
Bar plus 50kg x 1 1
Bar plus 70kg x 1 1
Front Squat
45x10 95x10 135x10 155x10 185x5
Goblet Bulgarian Split Squat
60x15 15
Seated Calf Raise
45x 10
Adduction Machine
85x15 100x10
Standing Calf Raise
70x13 10

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Side note

I know I just recently read on somebody’s log that you shouldn’t squeeze so hard when you use the hook grip and that made cleans infinitely more dealwithable today so thanks for the help stranger

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Date: 3/29

Just a little bit of gym work prior to bjj
Sumo 135x10 225x10 315x3
Pushups 20 20 20

We worked on some crazy X guard stuff and drilled a couple of rear naked choke setups. I need to get way better at keeping back control I keep losing focus after getting the position.

Date: 3/30

Shoulder Dislocates 10 reps

Hang Power Clean
45x 1 10
Bar + 30 kg x 2 5
Bar + 50 kg x 1 1

Hang Clean
Bar + 70 kg x 1

Bar + 80 kg x 1 I looked this up and it should be about 220lbs so super excited about hitting this. When I can get near some regular bumper plates will have to take an attempt at 225

Ghr 10 reps

Have been feeling run down lately but glad to actually make it back in the gym after skipping a few days.

Date: 4/4
Front Squat 3 sets + Triple Paused 3x5
45x10 95x10 135x5 155x5
185x 7 6 5
135x 5 5 5 (Did these without my hands on the bar to really enforce good position since I seemed to be losing tightness all over the place today)

Superset 4 sets
Pullups 5 5 5 2
Dips 10 10 10 8
Was gonna do five sets but just didn’t have the steam today

Date: 4/6

Hang Power Snatch
20kgx 10 5
30 kg x 5
40 kg x 5 3 1
45 kg x 1
50 kg x 1 1
52 kg x 1

Ghr 10 reps
Pullups 5 reps

Date: 4/8
Front Squat 45x5 reps
Hang Power Clean & Jerk 10 reps
45x5 95x5 135x 2 2 2 2 1 1

DB Press 5 sets
25x 15
35x 8
45x 4
40x 4
30x 8
EZ Bar Curl 5 sets
40x 12 7 9 5 4
Leg Curl 3x5
70x10 90x5 110x5 130x5

Squeezed a quick workout in today

Date: 4/11
Shoulder dislocates 20 total reps
Hip Openers (Need to do this more)
Bottom of Squat hold
Side lunges 10 each leg

Front Squat 135x3
Squat 185x1 225x1 245x1 265x1 275x1 (PR)
Ghr 15 15

Pullups + Bjj
Date: 4/12
Pulls/Chins/Parallel was shooting for 50 reps but ran out of time before bjj started

Pullups x 8 4 5
Chins x 7 6
Parallel Pullups x 10 3

Bjj worked on how to attack someone in turtle, and a couple of ways to retaliate from turtle

Bench Work
Date: 4/13
45x15 95x5 135x5 155x3 185x1 200x1 (PR)
DB Bench
50x10 60x5 75x3 85x0
DB Press
30x8 35x8 40x8

Squat & Bench
Date: 4/20

Shoulder Dislocates, Pec Stretch, hip opener, bottom of squat hold

Banded Bench 2x5
45x10 95x6 135x4 4 (no idea how much weight the bands added felt like it was around 185 at the top though)

Squat 5x3-6
45x10 135x5 185x5
225x 3 3 3 3 3

Front Squat 3x10
135x 10 10 10

Sumo Day
Date: 4/23

Calf stretch, bottom of squat hold, Hip opener, side lunges

Standing Calf Raises 2 sets
90x10 10

Sumo 5-10 singles
135x10 185x5 225x5 275x3
315x 1 1 1 1 1

Rdl 3x15
135x 15 15 15

DB Press 3x10
30x 10 10
EZ Preacher Curl 3x10
40x 10 10 10
Skullcrusher 3x10
40x 10 10 10

This is just gonna be some organizing of my thoughts as I try to put together my training plan.

So I have been practically planless with my lifting since bjj is by far my bigger focus but I don’t think that not having any lifting goals is helping me so I spent this last week trying to figure out exactly what I’m trying to do with my lifting. I came up with 2 goals for the year and that is a 4 plate squat and a 5 plate deadlift. I have a buddy I do bjj with that trains powerlifters and some high school athletes and he helped me put together something that seems pretty reasonable for reaching those goals but still maximizing my athleticism.

His idea was to have a squat day, a deadlift day, and an athletic/explosive day. So going forward I’m going to be doing something to that effect every week. Will definitely be using his deadlift progression of taking a weight and starting at 5 singles then adding one every week and going up after 10 singles. He weighs 175 like me and deadlifts 500+ lbs and says that has been his main method to get there. For my squat goal he suggested just using some simple double progression of like 5 sets from 3-6 reps and just going up in weight everytime you get all 30 reps with a weight. I like the simplicity of that so I will stick with it. As for the athletic day I’m going to use the hang power snatch for a lift there and just focus on keeping that fast and explosive. Then he basically said do something similar for assistance for the dead and squat and I could split the rest of my upper body training up over the three days and it should be good.

So I think my week will look like this going forward

Deadlift Day & Arms Shoulders
Sumo Deadlift 5-10 singles
Rdl 3x10
DB Press 3x10
Some Curl Variation 3x10
Skullcrusher 3x10

Squat Day & Pullups Dips
Squat 5x3-6
Front Squat 3x10
Pullups (Various grips) 50 reps
Dips 50 reps

Athletic Day
Hang Power Snatch 6x3
RFESS 3x10
1 Arm DB Bench 3x10
1 Arm DB Row 3x10

Athletic Day
Date: 4/25

Shoulder Dislocates, bottom of squat hold, Hip opener

Hang Power Snatch 5x3 / OH Squat
45x10 / 10
65x5 / 5
85x 3 3 3 3 3/ 5 3 3 3 2

Gonna try 95 next time but I think this might be the sweet spot with speed on the snatch

Giant set
Goblet RFESS 3x10
50x 10 10 10
1 DB Bench 3x10
50x 10 10 10
1 DB Row 3x10
50x 10 10 10

Ghr 15 15 15

Pushups did AMRAP for a min then rested 2 min and tried again. My triceps were toast
34 16

Squat & Body Weight Work Day
Date: 4/27

Calf stretch, bottom of squat hold, Hip opener, side lunges

Squat 5x3-6
45x10 95x5 135x5 185x5
225x 4 4 4 4 4
These felt beautiful today smooth and fast

Front Squat 3x10
135x 10 10 10
These on the other hand were bad. It wasn’t until my last set I actually got a decent rhythm

Pulls/Chins/Parallel 50 total reps
Pull x 6 5 5
Chin x 6 7 5
Parallel x 6 7 3

Dips 50 reps
BW x 15 15 10 10

Date 4/30
Met up with a bunch of guys that power lift and had fun going over a bunch of form stuff and learned a lot of stuff mostly that my bench, squat, and deadlift form can use a lot of help. And alot of it is apparently a weak back causing me to lose position under heavy loads in all lifts.

Date: 5/3
Front Squat & Pulls Day

2 min of bodyweight lunges

Lying Leg Curl 20 / 12 / 10 / 8 / 6
50x 20
70x 12
90x 10
110x 8
130x 6
Front Squat 5x1-3
45x10 95x5 135x5
185x 1 1 1 1 3

Good Morning 3 sets
135x 15 12 10
Pullups 36 reps (was shooting for 50 but ran out of time before bjj)
BW x 5 7 6 7 5 6

Date: 5/5
Upper Body Day

2 min of bodyweight walking lunges

Btn Press 3 sets
45x10 65x5 95x5
Btn Push Press 5x5
115x 5 5 5 5 5

1 DB Row 3 sets 50 reps
50x 20 15 15

DB Press
30x 5 (opted for dips after this set)

Dips 50 reps
BW x 10 15 10 8 7

Machine Preacher Curls 3 sets
45x 15 13 8

Some random calf and hamstring work had extra time I needed to kill

Date: 5/6
Squat & Chins Day

2 min of bodyweight lunges

Seated Leg Curl 20 / 12 / 10 / 8 / 6
50x 20
70x 12
90x 10
110x 8
130x 6

Squat 5x3-6 5s
45x10 95x5 135x5 185x3
225x 5 5 5 3
Damn it couldn’t get in the groove today with squats. I feel like I set up differently every single set

Rdl 3 sets
135x 12 10 10
Chinups 5 sets
BW x 5 8 7 8 5