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Making Liver Taste Good


Has anyone found a way? It’s such a powerhouse but I really don’t like it at all…


Really? Anybody that eats haggis should be able to choke down liver.


This isn’t specific to liver, but when I am eating something that tastes awful, I watch TV while I do it. Lots of people struggle with overeating while watching TV, since you lose awareness of portion size when you are distratced. I found I could use that in my favor.


that’s a really good idea


haggis is delicious! Trust me on this


So what’s the problem with liver? I mean, is it the taste or texture?


texture mostly. I need a way to disguise it


Try it sliced thinner. Salt, pepper, flour, brown it in skillet, put it in baking dish. Saute onions in the skillet, put on top of the liver, cover with brown gravy. Bake.


cool, thanks for that. Might try cooking up a pack of it like that and just having a little on the side of like a steak or something to get myself used to it.


Fava beans and a nice Chiante?


Cook it with onion, chilli and some other meat. Lamb curry chunks with lamb liver works a treat. Or you could blend it into a paste and spread it on stuff.


I made liver-pizza a few months back. Remember it with great joy, most likely because I ate a liver steak pan-fried with black pepper the day before. My wife left the room in disgust.


Dirty Rice!!!

Boil the liver, remove it from the water (reserve the water).
Saute some trinity - chopped celery, onions, and bell pepper (capsaicin).
Add rice (I use brown). Saute it up a little, then add the water from cooking the liver.
Add some chicken base, or boullion.
Spice that shit up with some cayenne and cumin. Cook until the rice is tender, about 45 minutes.


Hey fellow organ meat enthusiasts

I live in Bangkok so am lucky enough to have cheap, healthy Thai available 24/7…

A particular salad ‘nam tok’ can me made with just about any meat…I have it with chicken mixed with chicken liver and it’s awesome. Add rice and an egg fired in coconut oil (My local Thai eatery uses it at my request - I’ve lived here a while ha) and bang, awesome, nutritious and pretty inexpensive.

Good the recipe or Thai dishes using liver and see what pops up.

Hope that’s a little help



I’m stealing this


This is good, but even better when you add bacon.
Also depends on what sort of liver. I always found lamb liver good done as above.
I think that is one of the lightest for flavour. Anything else gets a bit heavy.

As @moogweasel said, chicken liver is good. Usually done as a pate!


I forgot to add - cut the liver into small pieces and mix it in with the rice when the rice is done cooking.

This is usually done with chicken liver but I see no reason it wouldn’t be good with others.


It’s good in stew. You give it a quick sauté first, although some argue this isn’t necessary, and cook it with onions and a few vegetables in stock. Season and serve.


These are some excellent suggestions, guys. Thank you so much.


Some people soak it in vinegar first apparently it changes the texture a bit.

Personally I sauté it in butter for only a couple of minutes on each side so it is just cooked in the middle and still nice and pink. Let it rest for 10 minutes then stick it in the refrigerator overnight. I find it so tasty cold and it doesn’t have the same gooey texture as when it’s hot.

Cold it’s delicious thinly sliced on a watercress salad.

It’s also really nice if you drop in a couple of pinches of ground cumin when you’re cooking it.

You could also blend it up and add a small amount to a ground meat burger or bolognese sauce. It’s a great way to disguise it.