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Making Good Lifts Better?

Just wondering what some other good lifts or variations I might want to include.

I saw an article on here somewhere that had ways to vary some of the big lifts, including a walking deadlift, and a squat that started normal but ended as an overhead squat.

Currently im doing the following:

1-leg squat
1-leg deadlift
Pullup / chinup
Seated Row
DB bench press

Thats what im doing but im thinking of including:

Box squat
Zercher squats
Rack pulls


Partials on pullups and bench.

the squat that ends as an overhead squat is called either an Over-Under or a Drop Snatch, or as exrx calls it a Quick Drop


I’ve started doing Zercher squats and love em’.

I have a fairly wide stance when I do them, and I can really feel it in my glutes and hamstring.