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Making Gains Throughout Year?

I have been training hard for 6 months now. I have lifted for approx. 2 years. I have made considerable strength gains in this last 6 months since I have incorperated learnings from this site.

My big question is…What kind of gains do you make throughout the year? I feel as if I should be bigger. I have gained an inch in my checst and 3/4 to arms. Am I hard gainer? or is it about average.

Maybe I just need to have patients and continue to see if results come with time. I am pretty sure I eat enough, sometimes to much. So am I on the right growth track or should I step it up? Thanks a lot.

what kind of strength gains are we talking about?

Also the following info would be helpful:

weight (before/after)
body fat (before/after)

acurate bodyfat measurements may not be available but if you gained 20lbs in 6 months but also added 3" to your waist that wouldnt be so good. A ball park figure or some other indicators of your level of fatness (I’m sure that word is made up but I like it!) would be equally as usefull

agree with the above and well your gains in size seem very good for 6 months it takes time keep ntraining dont get discouraged.

Also IMO there are no hard gainers just suboptimal eaters and trainers.

I am around 6 feet tall, 240lbs.I gained about 10 pounds. BF probably went up to about 18-20 % Waist size went up by a little under 2 inches, some days it’s 39" others it is 40". My chest/back went from a weak 43-44" to a solid 45inches. My arms went from 16 and a half/16 and three quarters to 17 and a quarter/17 and a half.

I feel as though I have gained more, when I look in the mirror I feel as if I have gained more. But the tape says differently.

I have had a little prob with diet, I still have a weakness for chocolates and ice creams. There are women in my Department who insist on bringing choclate in all the time. I can hear it call to me in my office “Come eat me”. Sweets are my weakness!! I consume as much protein as possible by using a lot of powder.

I went from struggling with 205 on the bench to pressing 280 for 1 full and 3 partials. I am alot stronger than 6 months ago. I have had a few set backs in this half year though such as back probs and that set me back about 3-4 weeks. Back issues also limit your ability to do leg work, so my legs have sufferred throughout this last six months.

I started the year out not sticking with a program so maybe that is a factor. I have been using my current program for about a month. it is as follows:

Mon-chest,shoulders,tri–wide grip
Tues-back,bi,legs–wide grip
Wed-chest,shoulder,tri–narrow grip
Thur-back,bi,legs–narrow grip
I add five pounds each week to my bench.

Is my waist size and BF% telling me it is time to cut some fat and I may see results or should I keep on keepin on?