Making Gains Through Throwing?

Well I think I’d like to join my school track team to throw. I have been focusing on size/strength so this will be a bit of a change but I’d like to continue making gains in these areas through the training I do for the team.

I’d like to focus on the javelin I think (haven’t tried any of them yet though). So typical practices consist of a warm up 10 minute run, static stretching (which I’m going to ignore and do dynamic), form running, medicine ball work, sprinting or throw technique work, actual throwing, and lifting (2-3 times a week for 30-60 minutes).

I’m going to bring a cup of grape juice (my peri-workout drink) to sip on during practice. I want to stay as far away from catabolism as possible. On the contrary, I’d like to eat anabolically to make the gains of a bodybuilder even though I’m on a thrower’s routine. Any other ideas for this?

I’d like to make the most out of my lifting sessions. What should I do? I’m thinking the “Big 3” (though front squats instead of squats and maybe DB bench instead of BB) along with chinups and pullovers as the basis of my plan. Should I do 5X5?

And should I be doing anything on the weekend? The practices are 5 times a week.

The “BIG 3” may be front squats, cleans and snatches for throwing. OH presses could find thier way in there as well.

Check out Dan John’s articles esp. One Lift a Day program.

And check out Dan’s throwing site

I know next to nothing about throwing, but my understanding is that since the javelin is a much lighter implement than the others, pure strength is emphasized much less in training for it, and thus javelin throwers are considerably smaller and weaker than, for instance, discus throwers.

If being big and strong are primary goals for you, talk to someone who knows what he’s talking about to determine if the javelin would be an appropriate choice. (Zatsiorsky says javelin throwers spend 15-25% of their training time on weights whereas shot putters spend 50% of their training time on weights.)

Alright thanks for the input. I’m guessing keeping the shoulder girdle healthy is of prime importance. Any prehab ideas?

Incline Dumbbell Bench Press and Pullovers should help with javelin.

[quote]hazerfazer wrote:
Alright thanks for the input. I’m guessing keeping the shoulder girdle healthy is of prime importance. Any prehab ideas?[/quote]

Last comment of mine…not so helpful. But shoulder girdle problems is something I know.

Read this article

Make sure you do rear deltoid isolation work to compensate for all the anterior deltoid work you’ll be doing by throwing a javelin. Isolate your external rotators with either mini bands or light dumbbells.

Your internal rotators will get enough work from throwing and pressing. If you do experience any shoulder pain don’t hesitate to ice your shoulder and take ibuprofen. It’ll bring any swelling in your shoulder down and help you recover faster.