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Making Fun of the Bearded Guy


Hi guys.

Some of you probably read about what's happening in Europe these days.

The short version: Months ago a danish newspaper published some cartoons where Mr Superholy prophet Mohammed was depicted.

Eventually, the pictures, along with other material (even meaner cartoons, where M. for example is caricatured as a pig), whose source remains unknown, found their way into the muslim world.
And shit has hit the mosque fans.
There was a mass of protests, death threats, curses et al.

Today, the Danes bottled out and apologized.
Some other newspapers with more spine like France-Soir reprinted the cartoons, claiming: We have the right to caricature god.

What is your opinion?

Is it OK to make jokes about God, Satan, Allah or Thor?
Do you think that the Arabs overreacted?


I think when you go out of your way to piss people off, you should be put on a plane and look them in the eye.

There's no heroism in sitting in your fancy office and deciding to put these cartoons in your paper.

But of course, SOME Arabs overreacted. Just like some Yanks would overreact when I would claim that the USS Reagan carrier, carries the name of a traitor who negotiated, behind his presidents back, with the enemy (Iran) to hold on to the hostages untill after the election. Not that I'm saying this.

I'm just showing how easy it is to piss people off.

And of course, there's another thing to consider. Blacks can use the N-word. Others can't. Jews can make jokes about jews. And so on.

I personaly know some Muslim people and most are very laid back about their religion. There's only a couple of things you can't do, and that is redicule Allah and Mohammed. Other than that, you're ok.



Even a French paper sacked up and printed them.


I think we should turn the middle east into a sea of glass and be done with it!


I don't believe in Allah. I don't believe Mohammed was a prophet of God. I perceive that he was demon-possessed according to historical accounts conveyed by his mother and his nanny (and the fact Mohammed confessed that an angel would frequently taunt him to throw himself of a cliff as an act of suicide for many years).

Aside from accounts that he'd go stark-raving mad and throw himself down to the ground in fits as a child quite often (or be thrown down by an internal force/entity), I think it belittles and disrespects the Muslim people to portray and distribute pictures of Mohammed as a pig. No good can come of this.

Mocking someone's religion is no laughing matter (aside from the fact that such mockery may ignite suicide bombings in these parts of Europe by terrorists and fanatics). Two thumbs down for the Danish and the French. Their laughter may soon turn into sobbing...

Peace be with all.


Hey, Christians have been taking it for years. I think the Muslims should lighten up.

If we're not careful making fun of Mohammed, those brave Islamist extremist may kidnap a defenseless, young, female reporter and scare the shit out of her and possibly cut her throat.

Off on a rant but that is some cowardly shit they do. MF-ers


By "demon-possessed", you mean clinically schizophrenic, right? Because, that's what we call people who hear voices.

As far as making fun of religion in general, and Islam in particular: fuck 'em if they can't take a joke.

The things we in the west hold sacred--equal rights, free judiciary, freedom of speech, not killing Jews just because--are spat on on a daily basis by Islamic nutjobs, but we have to hold every one of their little idiosyncracies dear?

Fuck that, and fuck them.


My ass faces east when I take a dump. Does that count for anything?


Damn I'm about ready to agree with that.


Yes we should all healthily make fun of deities because there is no right one or only one. No one has proved it otherwise. I say jokes are jokes and if you can't handle a joke, then go fuck yourself because you are taking your self to damn seriously.


Yes it does, now that you mentioned it.


These cartoons are stereotypical, ridiculous and in decidedly poor taste. They present the fiction that Islam is inextricably tied (through Muhammad) to terrorism and violence. And this reads as if the cartoonists were baiting for this very reaction.

Karma, if they get their heads cut or blown off, because that's the accusations they've made. Do you realize that the provocateur cartoonists were explicitly asking for this reaction!

Shame, for the despicable denigration of millions of true Muslims - those who might pray instead, for God to shine some light into the black and wretched hearts.


Three cheers for religion induced tolerance!


Religion of peace.


You could really take that post as either forced tolerance through threat of violence/terror or a more gentler tolerance through seeing how the other guy is offended.


In case you hadn't seen the twelve "jokes" that many of you have been defending, here they are:

6, 7, 10 and 12 all reference the fact that the cartoonists were attempting to provoke, rather than joke (their own admission, as well). They wanted this attention. If they get killed by some freaks, like I said, that's their karma (choice/action/reaction). Deal with it.

4, 10 and 11 are absolutely libellous and intolerable, imo, for the reasons mentioned above (and below).

And #5 is the only one which I found somewhat humorous, unless #8 is trying to say that everyone in a turban looks the same (or like Muhammad), which is also sorta funny.

But to slander millions as brutal, muderous thugs is going way over the line toward cruel stereotype. Think "lazy, big-lips nigger" cartoons of the early twentieth century, except now pre-judiced as "zealotous, bearded murderers".

Low-brow society always loves its sickening scapegoating, eh?

And I'm sick of having to hear good people apologizing for the barbaric acts commited by those cretins like Osama Bin-Laden, just because he claims to be motivated by the same religion. And this sort of shit is the very reason why those good people are compelled to apologize, as they are brow-beaten incessently by those infected by weakness and ignorance.

Fuck this degenerate scapegoating, and fuck the lowest common denominator which it serves. End of rant.


Intolerable cartoons? Really? Intolerable?


Was that really all? People are shitting themselves over these? This is one thin skinned group of people protesting. I could put out a cartoon ten times more offensive to Christians or Jews and still get one tenth the reaction. The publishers were in the wrong for trying to bait Muslims, but the reaction is way out of proportion.


I am a long time mostly lurking T-member from Denmark. I think I will try to clear some of the misunderstandings I see in this thread.

The intention of the drawings was never to make fun of Mohammed. The background of the drawings was that a writer could not find anyone to making illustrations to his book about Mohammed/Islam. All the artists he spoke to did not dare as there were receiving death threats from Muslims for similar drawings.

The newspaper published these twelve drawings as they were offended by this and wanted to debate the freedom of speech and expression.

When the newspaper heard the first reactions of the Muslims in Denmark, they actually apologies and claimed that it had never been the purpose to offend Muslims.

As I understand the situation, the main issue is not the ?humorous? aspect of the drawings, but that it according to the Koran is not allowed to make drawings of Mohammed. But isn?t it Allah who it is not allowed to draw?

Here is the link to the newspapers apology from three days ago:

I personally don?t think the newspaper should have published the drawings in the first place and when they heard these reactions which first really took off when Danish Muslims went to the Middle East, both the newspaper and the Danish government should have apologised. But I also don?t think that these drawings are any worse than Muslims burning the Danish flag (which contains the Christian cross) or the American flag for that matter.

But the purpose was never to make fun of Mohammed.


That also means that your head faces west right?