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Making Full Use of Metabolic Drive


I generally have the Metabolic Drive in the morning with my breakfast(2scoops over an hour and a half), maybe half a scoop during the day and 2 scoops at night (again, over an hour and a half to two hours) to increase my protein intake and prevent night binging/breakfast skipping...

I don't know if there are any other prescribed uses, and since it has casein, I assume its not suitable as a PWO drink...

I'm also wondering if my methods will decrease BF%...!

If anyone has any insights, I'm all ears.


Your overall nutritional intake along with exercise will determine decreasing BF


Personally I would recommend Grow! Whey or any whey product, eggs/egg whites or some other fast digesting protein for your first meal.

MD is a good choice for your last meal. I would not recommend it for post workout.



Sounds fine, although it's impossible to know for sure without knowing what you're eating throughout the day.

Metabolic Drive is a high-quality protein. Simply use it anytime you want to supplement your diet with additional protein. There's no point in getting to hung up on much beyond this.

Again, it's impossible to know without knowing your caloric intake and caloric expenditure.


I was just assuming 2-3 HSM a day +2 scoops of Metabolic Drive in the mornings and at night while following something like the Waterbury method... Not entirely sure what my expenditure is, but I generally take in on a non work out day ~1500 calories and somewhere between 1800-2200 on a work out day - with at least an additional 50g protein and 50g of moderate-high gi carbs

For the first six months of my training I was consuming somewhere in the range of 2500-3000 on workout days and 2000 for non workout days in the form of 5-6 HSM a day, but since my metabolism should be faster after that kind of ramp up, I figure this is the time I should go for leanness.

Not sure if my reasoning is correct, but.. that's what everyone else is here for, eh?